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September 24th, 2022

What Do We Presume? Sins of Pride 2.0T

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The Psalmist wrote extolling the virtues of God’s ways, while warning about the danger of presumptuous sins. The proud, the willful, and the presumptuous were those who ‘stepped out of bounds.’ They did not value God’s virtues, his laws, statutes and testimonies. On the other hand, God’s people both Jew and Gentile were to be known for their humility and service to God. So which category describes us?

The people of God, are all those who are ‘spiritually circumcised’ and are keeping the laws of God and value his moral, ethical, and religious instructions. Some of those teachings included the appointed ‘feasts of the Lord’ that were to be celebrated annually by the people of God. We know that Christ and his disciples kept these annual Sabbath along with the Jewish community of their day. And yet, today many Christians presume to know better and they reject the calculated Hebrew calendar and the authority that established the calendar.

So are we being presumptuous when we, as individuals, take to ourselves the authority to declare a calendar and Holy Days?
What is the historical evidence and the biblical admonitions that can help us discern the answer to this question?


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