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July 15th, 2019

Perfect Peace and Sweet Sleep — God Our Healer Part 3

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God provides peace and wellnessFinding Perfect Peace

In a turbulent world with hostility and distress a part of the mainstream news diet, how does one find wellness? And yet, the Lord God’s promise is of perfect peace for those who trust in him. For he is God our Healer, and he knows the conditions required for wellness. Part of that peace comes in knowing what the future holds. For those who trust God and have his vision of the day when the Messiah will rule, there is joy and peace. But is God our refuge today? Are we trusting in him to guide us now?

The Power to Choose

The ancient Hebrews understood the power of choice. They also knew the power of inclination or disposition. And the question was whether they would incline their ear to God and his advice, or turn away and embrace sin. Like our ancestors, we also have the free will to choose. But in choosing we must consider that our choices have consequences. And as Moses wrote, the blessings were the result of choosing to love and obey the Lord God. In doing so, the people would secure the promises that the Lord offered.

John the Baptist’s Message

John the Baptist came as a forerunner of the Messiah, and his message was akin to that of Moses. He came to prepare the way for the Lord, and it began with a call to repentance — a change of heart and direction. When we acknowledge our errors, and admit our weakness, then we are ready to embrace the steady arm of the Messiah our Saviour. In our reliance on him, having him at the centre of our thoughts, we gain the strength needed to have perfect peace. But this peace only comes if we heed the advice that God’s word provides.

Peace and Sweet Sleep

Science can tell us the many ways that sleep enhances wellness, but it cannot always deliver that sweet sound sleep. The Lord God, on the other hand, not only knows how sleep benefits our bodies and minds. But, he has the power to give sound sweet sleep to those who rely on him, for he watches over them.
Are we suffering from anxiety, stress, diabetes, heart problems, obesity, infections? Any of these issues can be caused or exacerbated by a lack of peaceful sleep. Whereas, the Lord God offers security, safety, and good sleep to those whose thoughts are fixed on him.

The Mind of the Spirit

Paul, in the book of Romans, explains the two different mindsets. The fleshly mind is never satisfied, but always seeking to satisfy the self … it is that evil inclination that keeps us from following God’s advice. The spiritual mind is what brings life and peace — wellness. Why? Because it allows us to walk with God, and reap the benefits of following his teachings. That is why Jesus, with the mind of the spirit, was able to sleep in the midst of the storm. He was not anxious, or terrified as were his disciples. Rather his calm assurance came from leaning on God and trusting in his plans and promises. Jesus could put his fears to rest and sleep, because he was obeying his Father, and knew his Father would keep him safe. Do we share this same confidence?

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