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October 14th, 2017

Nature of God the Father

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Nature of God the Father

goodness of the FatherWhat is the Ultimate Vision?

In celebrating the Feast we often focus on Christ’s return and the establishment of his millennial rule. And rightly so. But is this our ultimate vision for the future, or is there something greater? Are we looking forward to Christ’s return or to the Father’s coming, or both? And how are these events connected?

What must happen before the Father comes and the new heaven and earth are established? Why is it important for us to understand the difference between Christ’s coming and the Father’s coming? How does it impact how we must live now, as we prepare for the future? These questions are all bound up in our understanding of God’s nature, his power, and how he works with people.

Standing in God’s Presence?

When we contemplate what is the essential requirement for human beings to stand in the presence of the divine, it is humbling. There are many passages in scripture that demonstrate the nature of God the Father. The Father is good, the ultimate good. He is holy. He is light. And all of these qualities have a bearing on why we need a high priest to stand before Him on our behalf.

The Goodness of God

God’s purpose is to bring many children into his divine family. He wants us to take on the very nature of Jesus Christ and to live in his presence. But this is not possible as physical beings. So God has a plan. He has been working that plan from the foundation of the earth. And, the plan will be brought to its culmination when the Father comes. Then the new heaven’s and new earth will be established. But God is patient. He is merciful. And, he will not come before his children are ready. Do we have an understanding of the nature of God the Father, and the consequences of his coming?

Nature of God Series

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