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July 17th, 2022

Our Messiah — Humanity’s Hope

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Many religions talk of the coming of a Messiah. But often the view whether biblical or secular, is limited in scope. People are looking for a charismatic individual to save them from their plight and the heavy-handed rule of tyrants or foreign powers. And though the Messiah of the Hebrew and Greek scriptures will come to deliver the oppressed, to rule over the nations, and to establish justice, he was anointed to perform an even greater mission. Do you know who the Messiah is, the mission he was given, and how he will fulfill his destiny ? Let Jeff Patton answer these questions through examining the reality revealed in the scriptures for those who have eyes to see.

Learn more about the nature of God the Father and the Lord, our Messiah:

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It is God’s spirit that leads us into all truth as we read his word.


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