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April 1st, 2023

Malachi and the Great Sabbath

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Malachi, the messenger of God, wrote the Lord’s message to rehearse the events and lessons of previous centuries and to foreshadow future events. He wrote in a time when people were becoming complacent and losing hope. This book which forms a bridge between the Hebrew and Greek scriptures was traditionally read on the Great Sabbath before Passover. In God’s great human epic, God warns those who say they are his people but refuse to acknowledge their failings and do what is right. God takes issue with the contemptuous priests, who do not honour him. He will judge those teachers who are hypocrites and show favouritism. And, he will contend with those who are unfaithful to him and to each other. The prophet offers hope of the Messiah’s return and challenges every individual to live a life worthy of a child of God. Do you know the advice that Malachi offers to you today?

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