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April 9th, 2023

Lessons from Exodus – Hard Hearts or Sincerity and Truth?

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Hard Hearts or Sincerity and Truth

The Exodus from Egypt tested Pharaoh’s heart, but it also tested the hearts of the people God was delivering from slavery. Would they listen to the truth and walk in faith? Or would their hard hearts cause them to stumble and not enter their promised land? Could they leave Egypt and its culture behind and embrace God’s light and his teachings? Or would they continue to walk in darkness with blind eyes and hard hearts unable to leave behind the ways they had learned in Egypt? As followers of the Lord, we face many of the same challenges in trying to leave a toxic society that despises God’s teachings. So how do we overcome the very human tendency towards a heart hardened by stubbornness and self-will? How can we have the circumcised and contrite heart that will help us to enter our promised land? Let the scriptures encourage you in your walk with God.

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