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April 26th, 2023

God Our Healer — Lessons from Exodus

Videos, by CGP.


God – Healer and Provider

One of the great lessons of the Exodus was that God would  provide. He would be their leader and guide to the promised land and he could be trusted to keep his promises. One of those promises was that the people would not suffer all the diseases of Egypt and its culture. But this would also be a test of the people and their willingness to follow God’s guidance and obey his instructions.

God’s way allows for free will and the ability of individuals to make choices. God had provided the path for the people to walk and he promised to be with them, but they needed to embrace God’s ways and walk with him.
God reiterated that he was their healer, but God’s first principle of wellness was what we would call ‘preventative medicine.’
There was no spiritual ‘dualism’ in God’s approach, both the body and mind of those who walked with God were to become temples of the spirit of God. This message relating to physical health was also fundamental to the teachings of the church in Paul’s day. View the video and learn more about God’s wellness plan.

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