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December 25th, 2017

Day of Atonement — Yom Kippur

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Day of Atonement — Yom Kippur

Day of Atonement Yom Kippur

The fast  on the Day of Atonement is rich with meaning for the Christian, as it points us to the sacrifice of Christ as a propitiation for our sins, and the sins of all people. As we afflict our souls through fasting we gain a deeper understanding of our need for God, and his plan to forgive our sins so we might live in covenant with Him. We also anticipate that time of peace when the adversary will no longer influence humanity and a jubilee will sound announcing the restoration of the inheritance to the people of God.


  • Atonement and Jubilee – Forgive us our Debts
    Jubilee Proclaim Liberty

  • The Lord’s Prayer has interesting parallels to the themes of the day of Atonement. This is especially true when it comes to ‘forgive us our debts.’  Often we think of these debts as ‘sins’ — missing the mark or sins of commission. But it also has the sense of not having fulfilled a duty — sins of omission. We owe God for those times when we failed to do our duty, and yet, he is faithful to forgive these debts. But there is a caveat. He says he will forgive our debts  to the degree that we are willing to forgive the debts of others.
  • Atonement: War in Heaven and Peace on Earth

  • atonementLearn about the scriptures that give us insight into God’s plan as it relates to the Day of Atonement. Consider the prophetic message of Atonement and the hope that it gives Christians who look forward to the coming of the Lord, the Messiah and the end to the misrule of the Adversary who is deceiving the world.


  • Christians Remember the Day of Atonement. Why?

    Day of Atonement Yom KippurConsidering the role that the saints will play at Christ’s return, it becomes plain that Christians remember the day of Atonement to be better prepared to rule with Christ as kingly priests. So what lessons does the day of Atonement teach? What are the functions of priests that those God calls today need to be prepared to undertake? The example of Aaron’s sons, Nadab and Abihu, make it plain that those who serve God must be knowledgeable and show appropriate respect. God has standards and expectations that we must be aware of, and there are consequences for disregarding God’s instructions when it comes to worshipping in spirit and truth.



  • The Teleion Man and the Days of Awe

    growing to spiritual maturityDays of Awe have historically been considered as a time of judgment, the time between the Feast of Trumpets, Yom Teruah, and the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. During this time God has a message for the physical people, the descendants of Israel, a message of repentance and reconciliation. For the Christian the message gains a deeper significance as we move beyond repentance to embrace the goal of becoming the telleion man (or woman). Jeff Patton will shed light on this goal and our spiritual journey.



  • Christians Fasting on the Day of Atonement

  • AtonementAre there clues in the scripture to help Christians know God’s expectations in regards to fasting on the day of Atonement? What did Christ, Paul, and others have to say about fasting on the day of Atonement? Was there a role for fasting in the life of the disciples in the New Covenant church. Jeff Patton searches the biblical accounts and makes connections to the Lord’s prayer to help us understand God’s mind on this matter. You may be surprised.



  • Atonement Fasting before the Feast

  • Propitiation, now what does that mean? It has a profound part to play in our understanding of the meaning of the Day of Atonement. Jeff Patton ties together the ceremony of the two goats revealed in the old covenant scriptures with the new covenant message of Hebrews, written to encourage all Christians who trust in Christ’s sacrifice. It is an inspiring message for his day when we afflict our souls.



  • Too Late for Repentance?

  • Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement is celebrated on the 10th day of the seventh month on the Hebrew calendar. What significance does it hold for the Christian? Jeff Patton examines Isaiah’s account of Israel under siege, and who will bear the Keys of David. He then recounts the story of Esau and Jacob, and considers the question, “Who will have the benefit of the atoning sacrifice of Christ?”
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