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January 8th, 2022

A New Social Order – Chanukah & Maccabees 2

Videos, by CGP.


The Maccabees Lessons for Our Time

Believers in all ages have faced the challenge of resisting the zeitgeist of their time. In order to enter the ‘narrow gate’ God’s people often had to refuse the allure of the broad path that the society was following – a path that would eventually lead to destruction. And yet how easy it would be to just ‘go with the flow’ and adopt the practices, approaches, and societal norms. The history of the Maccabees teaches God’s people many lessons about how to avoid the ditches of compromise and complacency. The hellenistic forces of the time were mandating the renunciation of biblical values, but there were those faithful few who held tightly to the truth and did not compromise with their God-given spiritual heritage. Are we following in their footsteps?

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