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Missed the Webcast today??

The webcast was at 6:00am this morning, as it was being broadcast from Ireland! But, we were able to upload it in time so here’s the message Loving God with all Your Soul!

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  •!/profile.php?id=100001483888052 Priscilla

    having a hard time logging in

  •!/profile.php?id=100001483888052 Priscilla

    chat disabled for me

    • admin

      Hi Priscilla,
      I think you got the chatback/login working for the live webcast last Sabbath. Let me know if you have further trouble.


      COG Webcast

  • COG Webcast

    There have been several people having issues with logging in to the chat. The chat login is DIFFERENT than the website. simply type in something then hit register in the live chat, enter a user name and password (can be the same as for this site) and you will be registered with Ustream, who provides our live chat.

    Good Luck!

  • COG Webcast

    We now have a new comment and discussion system powered by Disqus pronounced ‘discuss’. You can now use popular social networks like facebook and twitter or email like google of to login and post comments.  Join the discussion, Enjoy!

  • Pat_from_WV

    Thank you for that enlightening sermon.  I now know why God does not want us to make
    images of Him and Jesus. Happy Sabbath!

    • COG Webcast

      Glad you liked it Pat. Are there any other topics you would like to hear about or expanded on?

      • Pat_from_WV

        Thank you, no.  You cover just about everything and I know God leads you to the topics He wants us to gleam from and apply to our
        lives.  If I think of something I will let you know.  I live abt 75 miles away from the nearest CGI church services and so I am home bound
        some due to my ills and so I watch live from Tyler, TX and then I watch ya’ll.  I enjoy both.  I just wish your format was more like Tyler,
        so it seems like we are a part of the service with singing and prayer request and such. However, I am just grateful for the sermons and to
        hear God’s truth.  You are doing a great job.  God Bless you all and thank you.
        I am originally from Texas and I live in WV right now.

        • COG Webcast

          Hi Pat,

          We certainly would like to do more music, at this point in time we have done special music, and hymns on the Holy Days. Hopefully we can do it more often :)
          Have a wonderful Sabbath.

  • COG Webcast

    Glad you liked it Pat. Are there any other topics you would like to hear about or expanded on?

  • Pat_from_WV

    Thank you for the song service it was very nice.  You sang some of my favorites especially “The Lord’s my Shepard…” as my brother, Mike
    died in Ft Worth this morning and I will be leaving to go to Texas in the next day or so.  He was only 54 and had Lung Cancer.  He was
    blind also he knew some of God’s truth as he had introduced me to Mr. Armstrong and Garner Ted in 1973.   I look forward to seeing him in God’s Kingdom and he will truly see physically and spiritually. God is Great and merciful.

    • COG Webcast

      We’re sorry to hear about your brother … yet it’s comforting that faith is a rock we can depend on and it will definitely be a wonderful day when God opens the eyes of the world: both physically and spiritually like you said! Losing such a close family member is never easy, but our hope in God gives us peace knowing that He is truly merciful, loving, compassionate, and just.

      • patmo

        I’m sorry I’m just now responding to this however I forgot to check this area and I was gone for a while but I wanted to say thank you
        for your kind words as God is all those things and more and it does comfort me as I have also lost a dear uncle as well.  Thank you and God Bless you for your reply.

  • NancySpaller

    First: I want to compliment your choosing this format for discussion and comment.  I think this is a good tool for feed-back.  Second:  I am using this format (today only) to keep the congregation there informed as to my brother’s medical progress.  I know there has been much prayer and concern in regard to this and I want to again say, thank you all for your sincere response to this situation.  My brother is now on the mend.  This past Monday, the drs. re-closed the chest cavity which, as you may remember, had to be re-opened because of excessive fluid/drainage (indication of problems somewhere) and was left open for 3 days for drainage. All the cultures taken came back negative for infections.  However, he does have cellulitous (sp) in the flesh around the incision site.  This is currently being treated with antibiotics.  His lung has re-inflated, his liver and kidneys are again functioning, and his heart bypass surgery, including the repair of the heart valve, was successful.  As a result of his kidney problem, he has developed gout in his feet and toes making it very painful to walk.  He has been moved out of intensive care and into a regular room.  He is still very weak and requires assistance for walking or any personal hygiene needs.  So, needless to say, he is still not fully recovered, but well on the mend.  Consequently, I am again asking for the prayers of everyone for his COMPLETE recovery.  At the risk of sounding repetitive, I again thank ALL of you and may Our Almighty God and His Son bless and reward you greatly for your ministering spirit of comfort and support at this time of crisis in my life.

    • CGP

      We will continue to pray to our merciful Father for your brother that he will have a complete recovery from these traumatic operations. We will ask that he gets the best in nursing care and all the help he needs in the rehabilitation process. I know it can be slow going, so I pray that he will have the patient endurance he needs.

  • Gdh1127

    greetings brethren,

    may i know how i can access the cybercast for the 2011 feast of tabernacles services? please email response to thank you.

    sincerely in the lord,
    grace crammer

    • COG Webcast


      We will be broadcasting on the webcast page as we usually do on Sabbaths.
      The times may be different but we will post them.


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  • Sandrabrosious

    My first time on this! Not sure what time service starts and how to chat. Instructions anyone?

    • COG Webcast

      Hi Sandra?
      I hope that is your first name, Welcome!
      To chat all you need to do is start typing in the chat box and hit enter, you will then be able to signup for an account at Ustream. There after you can just type something and then it will bring up the login screen to type in your login and password and then you can chat away! Hope to hear from you soon.
      Josh – COGWebcast

    • COG Webcast

      Welcome Sandra! We broadcast our service every Saturday at 11:30am pacific standard time!

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  • Nancy Spaller

    10/27/2012 ~~ Chat box does not appear. Cannot login. Will listen only. Cannot participate in chat…..what’s happened? I have been visiting this site for quite a long time. This has not happened to me before

    • CGP

      Nancy I just noticed you comment from last week, that you could not log in. Sorry we missed you! Hopefully the problem was resolved,as others were able to chat on this end of things. Otherwise I’ll send a message to Josh so he can try to trouble-shoot. Hoping you have an inspiring Sabbath today.

  • NancySpaller

    03/02/2013. I have listened to this webcast for quite a long time–have heard many sermons, both live and from the archives. Just want to say: Thanks Mr. Jeff for your teaching using “Sola Scriptura” (spelling). As Christian, we must live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, and as we know, the Bible IS THE WORD OF GOD—and is GOD-BREATHED!! My profound congratulations to Mr. Jeff and all those responsible for this webcast. :-)

  • COG Webcast

    Hi Ken, the Live Chat is right below the Webcast.
    You must be using a device with Adobe Flash Player to use the live chat and signup for a ustream account to chat. If you can’t get on the chat let us know and we can help.

  • COG Webcast

    You can go to and recover your password. It is the same account for chat on our website.