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February 18th, 2017

Trump’s Inauguration: A Scripturalist’s View

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a scripturalist view of Trump's Inaugural AddressTrump’s Inauguration

Trump’s Inauguration: A Message of Warning

There is great national discord presently, over the direction of the United States, not unlike that of Abraham Lincoln’s time. Donald Trump chose to take his oath of office using Lincoln’s bible — 1853 KJV. The symbolism was not lost on many who know their history and the scriptures. Living in an age when, “the people bear rule,” the scriptures issue a warning to leaders and followers alike. God sends a message to repent and change to those with political power who have fed themselves and scattered and abused others.

Trump’s Inauguration: Making America Great

“Making America Great Again” was Trump’s campaign theme, implying that America has fallen from an earlier understanding of moral integrity. In his speech,Trump reiterated several key ideas: “American carnage stops here and now,” “We do not seek to impose our way, but shine as lights,” and “Do not let anyone tell you, ‘It cannot be done.'”
The question is whether there is the will, to truly repent and practice God’s ways in a spirit of humility and unselfish love of others. This is a tall order! Yet God promises to “heal their land” if a people prays, acknowledges their sin, and turns from their wicked ways. 2 Chronicles 7

Trumps’s Inauguration: Historic Precedents

The United States has become even more divisive after the recent election, with rioting in the streets by those who fear the changes that Trump says he will put into action. Trump has a major challenge in addressing the issue of restoring civility to the political dialogue and unity of purpose to the nation. Trump alluded to King David’s song, “How good and how pleasant for brethren to dwell together in unity.” But the history of the nations has shown that unity can only be achieved “in the truth.” Unity achieved apart from biblical values, and freedom of conscience towards God, can devolve into tyranny. So both leaders and citizens have choices to make, for the consequences of action or inaction cannot be avoided.

Plain People Change History

Praying for Our Leaders

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