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March 26th, 2017

The Lord’s Passover

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The Lord's Passover - new covenant passover

Lord’s Passover — A New Commandment

Jesus, before being betrayed, established a new commandment — the Lord’s Passover. Raising his glass of wine he said, ” I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in My Father’s kingdom.” The big question for all believers is, “Will we be there?”
At the beginning of the spring festival season — the beginning of the 14th of Abib/Nisan according to the biblical calendar — Jesus ate his last meal. Then, he washed their feet. Finally, he celebrated this special time by offering up the wine and bread as symbols of his impending sacrifice.

Quarto-deciman Controversy — Imitating Christ

The disciples, followed in Christ’s footsteps. They continued to celebrate the Lord’s Passover as a memorial of his death, yearly on the 14th of Abib. This eventually led to a great controversy with the Roman Church. But the Bishop of Rome could not dissuade Polycarp, John’s Disciple. Polycarp would not reject the Lord’s Passover. He  followed the example of his predecessors in the faith, John and Paul. Polycarp continued to “imitate” them as they imitated Christ. So for believers in our century we have Paul’s clear teaching. We are to follow Jesus example of partaking of the bread and wine. It is a yearly celebration of his sacrifice for our sins, and a renewal of our new covenant relationship. We are to do this on the same night that Jesus was betrayed.

Betrayal and Forgiveness

On that night, Jesus was betrayed by Judas’ kiss into the hands of the jealous religious leaders. The other disciples fled in fear, and only Peter and John followed Jesus and his captors. But eventually, even Peter denied knowing Jesus, and when he realized his betrayal, he wept bitterly. All believers need to repent as Peter did, acknowledging their great need of God’s forgiveness. We are cautioned to examine ourselves and reflect on the meaning of Christ’s sacrifice, before partaking of the Lord’s Passover. Will we be prepared for the Lord’s Passover this year?

Observing the New Covenant


Are you prepared for Passover?

Passover and Unleavened Bread


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