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September 24th, 2016

Living as Lights in God’s House

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Living as lights in God's house
Lights in God’s house

God is light and as we live day-by-day walking in the light we become more like our Father, having his mindset and character. Yet, if we refuse to overcome and we prefer darkness refusing the light of God’s law/teaching then the apostle Paul warns us of the danger of spiritual shipwreck – the end result of not heeding the guidance given by the light. God’s word is our lighthouse shining to keep us on the narrow path, avoiding the treacherous spiritual currents, shoals, and rocks that could destroy us.

Yet God expects more from us than merely following the light, He expects His light to shine through us, thus lighting the path for others. We are to be living as lights in God’s house. Jesus compared his disciples to the light on the hilltop, a hopeful sign for weary travellers, and the light on the lamp stand that illuminates the whole house.

Unlike North Korea’s Air Koryo that is renowned for its infamously poor service and quality, as lights to the world God expects his people to set a high standard of “goodness.” Our godly lifestyle and our service to others should accurately reflect God’s light in us through His spirit that produces good works motivated by love. We are also called to shine the “spotlight” on darkness to expose the evil and embrace the good.

We are called into a relationship with Christ, the true light, so we must not be found “sleeping in the dark.” But rather, being fully awake to the nature of our society, and the responsibilities we have as disciples we must encourage one another and shine our light as Christ’s ambassadors, emissaries of the Kingdom of God and lights in God’s house.

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