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March 9th, 2019

God’s Nature: Who and What God Loves

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God loves righteousnessWhat God Loves

The truth often comes in simple words. Our love grows as we walk with God. Why? Because that is his nature. “God is love” was John’s emphatic statement after having experienced a close personal relationship with the Creator. But can we discern what God loves?
As the Father of the family of believer, God loves his children. He has a plan for his family and they belong to Him. His fondest hope is that all those drawn by him into his family will choose to abide, or live with him. Why? So he can show them his love!

Set Apart for a Purpose

God initiates this loving family relationship by offering those people he chooses to have a covenant with him. God made this covenant relationship with Abraham the father of those who have faith. God’s hope was to bless Abraham and his descendants with physical abundance and eventually spiritual life. But there were conditions. We must “abide” with God. We must love what God loves. To remain in that loving family relationship Abraham had to remain steadfast, walking faithfully with God. So it is evident that God loves those who love him. Abraham demonstrated his love for God not only through belief in God’s promises, but also in righteousness — moral and ethical behaviour. He loved God by accomplishing God’s will and keeping his commandments and precepts. Through a lifetime of experience Abraham walked the narrow path and persevered so that God could bless him.

Walking in Abraham’s Footsteps

As heirs with Abraham of the promises of God, we must also abide in God’s love. How? By following the example of righteous Abraham. God is not a “respecter of persons” his standards of living have not changed. From Genesis to Revelation the same message is clear, “the Lord loves the righteous.” This gives us hope, knowing that even though God may test us, he will not abandon us as long as we remain faithful to him. We must all walk the narrow path. But, our Father will walk with us giving us the strength and insight we need, as long as, we “abide” in his love. We must love what God loves, and he loves righteousness and justice. And so must we!

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