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June 3rd, 2018

God’s Love and a Royal Wedding — Are You Preparing?

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Gods love and royal wedding mdGod’s Love and a Royal Wedding

Love and Christ’s Commandment

The recent royal wedding in England viewed by over 30 million viewers was a brilliant spectacle. But perhaps the meaning of the biblical passages cited in the wedding message were not understood by most. So, what did the apostle John really mean when he wrote about love, “agape?” Jesus the Messiah came to bring a “new” covenant and a “new” commandment to his followers. But in reality these “new” things were “renewed or refreshed,” for they had a long history. Loving one another was a very old commandment! But it was renewed and given greater meaning through Jesus’ example of self-sacrifice. As disciples, this type of love was going to be the proof of authenticity, of a Christian. Followers of Christ would be known by their loving obedience to God’s will. And, their unselfish concern for the welfare of others. Are you one of them?

Preferring What God Prefers

The apostle Paul wrote that love is being sincere, and active in our service to God. It is real or genuine and without hypocrisy. Love hates what is evil and holds on tightly to what is good.  And, love is first in Paul’s list of the attributes of God’s spirit. This kind of love goes beyond the brotherly love of family and friends. God is love, and his love is the all-encompassing principle behind all of his laws. This love can only flow from God’s spirit and it always prefers what God prefers. John, after having walked with God for 60 years, understood the importance of “agape” the kind of love God has for us. And having experienced God’s love, he encouraged his readers to love others as God loves us. This is something that only those who know God can do!

God’s Seal of Love

Like the “beloved” in the Song of Solomon, God has chosen his people and set a seal upon them. He has certified that they belong to him and he has given them the pledge of his spirit. We cannot buy God’s love, or his seal of approval, or his Spirit. They are gifts freely given to those who love God. Jesus’ message of the coming of God’s Kingdom, envisions a time when God’s love is the standard and the result is justice and peace. God’s love is perfect and it will not fail. In the future, God’s “beloved” will see him face-to-face, and their love will be celebrated in a future “royal wedding.” Have you received your invitation? Are you demonstrating your love by preferring what God prefers and preparing for that great day of joy?

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