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October 9th, 2016

Fuzzy Theology: Do You Know the Scriptures?

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Fuzzy Theology: Do You Know the Scriptures?

A recent poll in the US showed that a majority of people believe in God and love the bible. But, most are “fuzzy” on the details. In fact, they often believe incongruent and conflicting things about the scriptures.
Yet the scriptures themselves claim to be the Word of God, and the source of the truth, so if we believe God then we believe that the scriptures must be consistent. So how do we avoid walking in the fog of a fuzzy theology, that is not grounded in the truth?

We must avoid the “twitter” version of scriptures and do more than just listen to theological sound-bites. God is trying to teach, but who will listen? We must study God’s word with intent to eradicate fuzzy theology, and grasp the true reality found in the Word of God.

The poll indicated that 64% of respondents thought God accepts all religions. But is this the truth? We must be careful to avoid thinking that God accepts any type of worship, and that it’s OK to “worship our way.” Do you know what the scriptures really say about the kind of worship God wants?

Others were confused about whether Christ was God, or a created being, and some even believed that both of these conflicting ideas were true. Talk about cognitive dissonance, but it did not seem to matter to many of those polled. Do you know what the bible says about Jesus Christ and his relationship with God the Father? Abraham knew the answer, as did Moses, and Christ himself, so will you believe their testimony?

We don’t need to follow the herd, dazed and confused, stuck in a fuzzy theology. If we worship God, we do not want to be worshipping Him “in vain” pointlessly, or aimlessly. The scriptures give us what we need to know, to worship in spirit and truth.

Don’t Rationalize a False Faith

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