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July 26th, 2019

Fear Not — I Am with You

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sheep shepherd no fearFear Not, God is Faithful

God has made promises by covenant that are valid for a 1,000 generations!
So when he advises us to, “Fear Not!” he is also able to prove true to his promise and protect and guide those who trust him. Do we appreciate God’s faithfulness, or consider his wonderful works for his covenant people, Abraham’s children?

If you are a Christian, then consider that you are Abraham’s descendant, regardless of ethnicity, and know that God’s promises are for you, too. The history of  Israel is a study in God’s faithfulness in fulfilling his promises to nations and individuals. Though they like Abraham had to wander at times, yet he protected those whose heart was to obey and fear the Lord. But what about us, now? Can we have the confidence in God that will allay our fears?

Fear Not, I Will Be with You

Isaac, followed in his father Abraham’s footsteps, and learned many lessons about trusting in God’s faithfulness and his promises. God had made covenant promises to Abraham because he had obeyed God’s voice and kept his statutes, commandments, and laws. And Isaac, continued in his father’s footsteps, following God’s instructions, living as a “resident alien” in a land that his descendants would later inherit. He listened to God, and trusted that God would be with him. So instead of going to Egypt during a famine, he remained in Gerar, in the land of the Philistines, according to God’s instructions.

Godly Fear, Fear to do Evil.

But this decision to obey God presented some immediate complications, when the men in Gerar asked Isaac about Rebekah his wife. Fearful of what the people might do to him, he lied and said that Rebekah was his “sister.”  This was not an unsubstantiated fear, as many a tribal leader has been guilty of killing a husband to claim his wife. But, God does not whitewash his “heros” and men of faith sometimes forget God’s admonition to, “Fear not.”

Ultimately, Isaac’s deception was discovered by this king, Abimelech, who demonstrated an appropriate fear of God’s justice, if anyone were to have sexually assaulted Rebekah. This tribal leader still understood that sexual sins had consequences. And so, although Abimelech corrected Isaac for his deception, but he also protected him and his wife.

Fear Not, When Dealing with Difficulties

God prospered Isaac with exceptional harvests of grain, and  a large household with many flocks, and herds and servants to care for them. But, Isaac’s success also elicited envy among the locals, who reacted by filling up Isaac’s wells.  Eventually, the king asked Isaac to leave the region, but the problems did not end there!  Even though Isaac was now living on the fringe of civilization, he could not escape the conflict. Each time Isaac dug a new well, or restored an old one, the herdsmen of Gerar continued to harass Isaac and his men.
In spite of these challenges, Isaac trusted in God. God was also pleased with Isaac’s faithfulness, and wisdom in dealing with his neighbours and Abimelech. So that after many failed attempts, Isaac and his household found both water and peace, because God was with him. You can read more of this story in the book of Genesis. In time, the Lord appeared to Isaac and spoke to him confirming his promise, “I am the God of Abraham your father, fear not, for I am with you. I will bless and favour you…!” But what about us? Does God still favour us?

Paul reminded the Romans, that nothing can separate us from God’s loving favour. There are no problems, sufferings, troubles or persecutions that can overthrow us. If we “fear not” and put our trust in God who is able to deliver us and preserve us. So, fear not, for God has provided us the path to walk and the wisdom and strength to do his will. Isaac finally found water and peace in his walk with God. Similarly, God gives us the water of his word to quench our spiritual thirst, and his peace to calm our hearts.

Fear Not – Leaving a life of sin

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