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September 29th, 2018

Dreams of Utopia – Time of Restoration

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dreams of utopiaBad News — Good News

In our society it is easy to create a short-list, a litany, of all the evils of our age. We suffer as a result of wealth inequality, desperate refugees fleeing intolerable conditions, corruption in politics and business, environmental destruction, acute and chronic disease, and the rise of destructive technologies. The bible predicted all of these woes, that would follow those who say evil is good and good is evil. But more importantly, God offers a solution! He does not focus on the futility of man’s ways, but on the future he envisions. He wants us to embrace his dreams of Utopia.

Dreams of Utopia

The picture of utopia, an ideal world, was envisioned by Isaiah in his prophecies. After a time of great turmoil and destruction the world will be renewed. The deserts will blossom, there will be water in the wastelands. The lame and blind will be healed. And there will be a protected highway that leads to Zion, where people can travel without fear of harm. How will this all come about? How can we know this future utopia will become a reality? Isaiah says it is as assured as the rain or snow falling in their season. Why? God’s word will accomplish his purpose and he will succeed in doing what he desires!

Time of Restoration

But will changing the topography and weather and healing people’s physical ills be enough to create “utopia?” No! God must bring righteousness and justice. And people’s hearts must be changed. Jesus came to the earth to proclaim the coming of a Kingdom — the dreams of utopia — that would change everything. A kingdom based on the light of God’s law and the way of righteousness, a time and place where people will walk in humble fellowship with God. The darkness and deceptions of the present age will be replaced by the light of God’s law. We can experience this fellowship now, as a foretaste of that future Kingdom.

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