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October 31st, 2016

Christians Remember the Day of Atonement. Why?

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Christians remember the day of atonementChristians Remember the Day of Atonement. Why?


Considering the role that the saints will play at Christ’s return, it becomes plain that Christians remember the day of Atonement to be better prepared to rule with Christ as kingly priests. So what lessons does the day of Atonement teach? What are the functions of priests that those God calls today need to be prepared to undertake? The example of Aaron’s sons, Nadab and Abihu, make it plain that those who serve God must be knowledgeable and show appropriate respect. God has standards and expectations that we must be aware of, and there are consequences for disregarding God’s instructions when it comes to worshipping in spirit and truth.

The scriptures give physical instructions about the observance of atonement, and each of these rituals has great spiritual meaning. The Day of Atonement is rich in symbolism, that represents the covering of sin and the restoration of the relationship between humanity and God. Are we in a right standing with God, fulfilling our role in a productive relationship, so we can serve Him and bring others into a right relationship with God?

Reading the words of Moses and Isaiah and considering the history of God’s people, we see the Lord’s work as Saviour of Israel, and we gain a greater understanding of how Christians can be redeemed by God the Father to become His people. Ancient Israel should have recognized God’s power in delivering them from bondage, but only the few appreciated God’s power and intervention in the life of the nation, the covenant people. As Christians we learn to have a greater appreciation of God’s power, mercy, and deliverance through observing the Day of Atonement, in accord with God’s teaching.

Christians remember the Day of Atonement because there are many prophecies yet to be fulfilled, and in keeping this day we are given great hope for the future, for God’s saints, and all of humanity. God has a plan to save all people, but not all at once, and this plan is revealed in detail through God’s Holy Days, including the Day of Atonement. Let us worship God as He desires, being reflective learners and remembering the atonement that has been made for us, so God can open our minds to His great purpose and we can accomplish our mission.
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