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March 11th, 2017

A Biblical Worldview: Why Christians Fail

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A Biblical Worldview: Why Christians Fail?

biblical worldviewA recent Barna survey concluded that, of the American public polled, only 4% had a biblical worldview. And evangelical Christians didn’t do much better, at only 9% . So what were the criteria that the pollsters used as being indicative of the biblical worldview?
There are absolute moral truths

      The Bible is true and accurate
      Christ was sinless
      God, the Creator, rules today
      Salvation is a gift
      Christians should share their faith
      Satan is real

So how is it that some call themselves Christians, and yet do not have a “biblical worldview?” And does it really matter?

What is a Biblical Worldview?

The value system that leads to action is a worldview. So a biblical worldview is a set of moral beliefs/ethics that lead to righteous actions. It is grounded in biblical knowledge and awe of God.  And, it is demonstrated through faith that manifests as positive, godly actions. The Barna survey concluded that parents were not guiding their children to adopt such a biblical worldview. For how can you give to the next generation what you do not have yourself…?

A Warning from Hosea

Some conclude that Christianity is stagnating for lack of a biblical worldview. Hosea chided the children of Israel, for they too were being destroyed for a similar lack of knowledge. As a result God had a controversy with them over their lack of faith, loyalty, and kindness. Malachi reiterated this message of warning to those called to exemplify God’s ways, his worldview. They were to represent God faithfully, preserving knowledge, teaching his ways, turning people from evil, and judging impartially. Yet many were failing in their duties.

Eschewing “Christianity Lite”

New covenant writers, Paul and John, also issued warnings about the danger of having a form of religion, a “Christianity Lite” that was hollow or empty. While most people own a bible, few people read it today. And even fewer people use the bible to inform their daily lives. God expects those who serve him to do more than lip-service. There is work to be done. Those who have practiced righteousness in harmony with God’s worldview will have confidence at Christ’s return. Do we know what that worldview encompasses? Will we be among them?

Biblical Worldview: Purim

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