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Holy Days

God’s Holy Days: What are they all about? What do they represent now?

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Hebrew Scriptures: God’s promises and covenant with Abraham.
God spared the firstborn of Israel and judged the gods of Egypt.
Greek Scriptures: God’s love revealed.
Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God the Father, died for the sins of the world.
Remission of sins through His blood – His death for yours.
The New Covenant through Jesus’ body and blood – eternal life.
 When should we celebrate the New Covenant Passover?
The Feast of Unleavened Bread
Hebrew Scriptures: God ratified His covenant with Abraham.
God led the children of Israel out of Egypt into the Promised Land.
Greek Scriptures: Christians are unleavened in Christ, overcome sin by the power of the Holy Spirit and walk in newness of life keeping the commandments of God.
They are the spiritual seed of Abraham.
Hebrew Scriptures: Israel received the Law at Mt. Sinai.
The firstfruits harvest of the barley and wheat.
Greek Scriptures: The church receiving the Holy Spirit.
Christians are the firstfruits unto God – in the first resurrection.
The Feast of Trumpets
Hebrew Scriptures: Memorial of Trumpets’ God putting His presence in the temple.
Greek Scriptures: God’s triumph over Satan and all evil.
Saints return to earth from briefly meeting Christ in the air.
Feast of Atonement
Hebrew Scriptures: With special animal sacrifices the High Priest atoned for the sins of Israel.
Greek Scriptures: Satan removed and bound; the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is now applied to all peoples
Saints as spirit beings at one with God the Father and Jesus Christ.
Feast of Tabernacles
Hebrew Scriptures: Memorial of Israel’s wanderings in the wilderness. Israel’s rest in Solomon’s time.
Greek Scriptures: Jesus Christ – God in the flesh – tabernacling with mankind.
Christ by God’s Spirit dwelling in the saints.
One-thousand year reign of Christ and the saints as spiritual beings.
Last Great Day
Hebrew Scriptures: The bounty of God’s blessings to Israel.
Greek Scriptures: Second resurrection:
Phase One – opportunity for Salvation
Phase Two – final judgment of wicked cast into lake of fire.
New heaven and new earth – New Jerusalem comes to earth.
God’s plan for the rest of eternity begins.