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June 20th, 2011

Joshua Patton Biography

Josh Patton, by CGP.


Joshua Patton

Josh from the budding age of five declared that he wanted to be an electrical engineer and he recently achieved this long-time goal. Having graduated from the University of Victoria, he is now employed in the field of distribution power engineering. As an engineer, Josh has great respect for God as a designer, planner, and master of order and law in the universe. He likes to tie his studies of the scriptures into the principles he has learned as an engineer.

Josh is an avid cyclist and runner and participated in his first triathlon last year. He is a good example for the rest of us in terms of cardio-vascular fitness, something we all must consider in this day of desk jobs.

In his spare time Josh loves to garden, especially when there are the big dirty earth-moving tasks to be done.  And if that’s not possible, you’ll often find him hiking with his wife along the Vancouver Island trails, and photographing the beauty of God’s creation: forests, mountains, and seashore.

Josh is always eager to search the scriptures and make his defense for the gospel. In courting his wife, he had the opportunity to delve deeply into bible study in order to present the truth of God in a way she could appreciate, and this time of study and reflection was a turning point in his life.

Josh was a motivating force behind and the creator of the,, and the websites. He serves cogwebcast as webmaster and is constantly busy trying to keep it up-to-date. If you have questions about the site and its functionality, Josh would be the person to provide an answer. He maintains the cognanaimo site, as a resource of archived sermons and articles  (2008-2010), for our web brethren. Josh also writes blogs and answers questions on biblical topics as he has opportunity. Josh is grateful for the opportunity to serve God in preaching the gospel to the world.

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