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March 26th, 2017

The Lord’s Passover

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The Lord's Passover - new covenant passover

Lord’s Passover — A New Commandment Jesus, before being betrayed, established a new commandment — the Lord’s Passover. Raising his…

March 25th, 2017

A Biblical Worldview: Purim and Esther

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Estehr and Purim biblical worldview

Esther and Purim Power of a Biblical Worldview The scriptures, the source of the biblical worldview, claim to be “God-breathed.”…

March 11th, 2017

Strangers and Foreigners: What God Says about Immigration

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what God says about immigration

What God Says about Immigration The news is full of stories about the thorny question of immigration. Here in North…

February 18th, 2017

Trump’s Inauguration: A Scripturalist’s View

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a scripturalist view of Trump's Inaugural Address

Trump’s Inauguration Trump’s Inauguration: A Message of Warning There is great national discord presently, over the direction of the United…

January 21st, 2017

2017: Protestant Reformation’s 500th Anniversary

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Reformation's 500th anniversary

        2017: Reformation’s 500th Anniversary What Has the Church learned in 500 Years? Martin Luther in his…