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April 17th, 2017

Winning the Spiritual Battle

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Winning the Spiritual Battle

win the spiritual battleIs the Law, Sin?

God sent Moses to deliver Israel from slavery in Egypt. God kept his covenant promise, and the lamb’s shed blood was a symbol. The blood on the doorpost protected and delivered every household. Later, the Father sent his son to deliver mankind from spiritual slavery, the slavery of sin. His perfect sinless sacrifice made this possible. Yet, many Christians do not understand this deliverance because they do not understand sin, lawlessness. In fact many believe it was the law that was enslaving people. Is this true? Some Christians look to the writings of Paul to bolster this negative view of the law. They say that Paul taught, “the law is sin.” But is this true? It is a matter of spiritual life or death.

Two Warring Elements

Paul in writing to the Romans, gives a detailed description of the role of the law in our lives. It educates our conscience, and tells us right from wrong. Paul tells us that the law is holy, just, and good. The law is reality, the true nature of things. It is a reminder of sin, as it helps us to recognize sin in our lives. Sin on the other hand is “tricksy” it beguiles and deceives us and eventually kills us. It is sin (lawlessness) that results in misery, bitterness, suffering and death.

Paul’s Internal Conflict

Paul speaks for all believers in describing the inner battle. Our “old man,” the evil ways, desires, and worthless ideas that used to enslave must be overcome. We win the battle for spiritual freedom when we walk in the Spirit. Paul describes this Life and death struggle. The Spirit that walks in harmony with God and his law, must resist our human nature that is naturally weak and prone to sin. This battle is waged daily in our hearts and minds. Are we winning the spiritual battle. Are we attaining freedom from the slavery of sin? With Christ’s help we can!

Overcoming Sin

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