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June 16th, 2018

Wholeness, Wellness, and Abundant Living

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wholeness, wellness, and abundant living

Health and Prosperity

The last surviving apostle, John, wrote to Gaius. “Dear friend, I pray that you may prosper in every way and be in good health physically, just as you are spiritually.” John’s confidence was that his friend was on the right path, walking in the truth. He also hoped that Gaius was in sound physical condition, one free from any disability.  John understood that health was “holistic.” It was integrated, encompassing every aspect of living. The interconnected concepts of wholeness, wellness, and abundant living were essential to health and prosperity.

Physical and Spiritual Realities

How often have we failed to find solutions to our health problems? Is it sometimes due to a narrow focus on the symptoms and not all the inter-connected relationships? Health from the biblical perspective is about harmony with physical and spiritual realities – the truth. John knew that healthy living would result if his children were walking in truth. This meant moral integrity and faithful relationships were essential to wellness. Harmony with God’s moral imperatives were as important as healthy eating, or a clean environment, or rest.

Wholeness, Wellness, and Abundant Living

God, in providing his laws for healthy living, was interested in “wholeness” for individuals and communities. The Sabbath was not just about rest for the individual. It was also essential to the health of a community. The role of the Sabbath in building positive relationships was as important as the restorative effects of a Sabbath’s physical rest. And the benefits were for everyone, even the servants and animals in a household. Respect for God would be a source of healing for all those who embraced God’s values. All of God’s commands lead to “wellness” and a long, abundant life. We cannot ignore any of God’s instructions and expect to prosper and be in good health. Why?  Because the spiritual and physical aspects of living are integrated, interconnected, and inseparable.

Wholeness comes when we are walking in the truth and embracing all of God’s teachings. Are you looking to be “whole?” Search God’s word for the answers.

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