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December 11th, 2011

Who Will Be King?

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This week the European Union is having to make some critical choices. So far 26 of 27 European nations have been willing to trade sovereignty for economic security. The bible has some prophetic statements about choosing who will rule and the implications of those choices. Jeff Patton brings to light the dilemma every follower of Christ must come to grips with when it comes to the question of “Who will be King?” He cautions religious people to remember that prophecy is not a “spectator sport.”

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  • William Chappell

    Thanks for sharing that with us. The suprise to me is how many people in the churches of God have abandoned the idea of Euorpe being anything to be concerned about. Do some of the church people think Euorpe and especially Germany are just laying idle.l have contended for a long time that the euro will not make the grade it may make way for the German Mark. Why do I say that? Becouse the bible talks about the mark of the beast and the German mark will be a part of that fulfilment. Prophecy is a little more complicated than it was before Islam became so prominant on the scene and it has sidetracked many people, they now think Islam will fill the prophecies and can not be detered from that rediculous idea.Thats the main points in mind for now thanks Jeff.  Bill