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July 20th, 2018

The Truth that Transforms

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truth that transforms liz lemon swindleJourney of Discovery

Journeys of personal discovery may lead us to find the truth that transforms our lives. The biblical example of the prodigal son is such a story of transformation. The young man in his ignorance and self-will demanded his inheritance, left his Father’s home, and went on a journey. Instead of the hoped for adventure and fortune, he ended up squandering everything he had inherited. But his misery final provoked a profound change in action and attitude. He had to face the terrible truth of his own folly, and then appreciate what he had lost in leaving his Father’s care. Straying from the truth had cost him dearly.

Truth — Reality from God’s Perspective

Finding the truth that transforms is the life challenge of all who would be children of the Father and followers of Jesus Christ. It is the truth — the reality — as God designed it, that sets believers apart to be dedicated to God’s purpose. This truth is reliable, unchanging, eternal. God is the only source of the truth and the ultimate authority for reality, whether the laws of physics or the moral logic of the universe.
This truth could not be found through personal introspection or feeling, though that may be a starting point for the search. It comes from the Word of God, so in a sense, Christ is the truth personified.

The Power of the Truth

That is why the apostle Paul admonished believers to follow him…but only as he followed or imitated Christ. Paul’s boast was not like that of his contemporary “heroes” who boasted in their accomplishments. Rather, Paul boasted in his “weakness.” He knew that the power he had came from Christ — it was the power of the truth that made him strong. Paul lived by the power of the truth that transforms and sets us free. He understood that the truth possessed life-giving qualities, as it could correct us and direct us along God’s path. That is why Christ admonished the Samaritan woman that true worshippers must worship in spirit and truth. She needed to grow beyond the limited vision of reality given her by her community and embrace the truth revealed by God. The knowledge of the truth would change everything, and provide the destination and the daily road map for life’s journey. Is the truth transforming our lives?

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