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December 16th, 2017

Speaking the Truth in Love

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aletheuo speaking truth

The Father of Light

Speaking the truth in love is central to the role of a Christian. Truth, wisdom, and spiritual understanding are all good gifts. They all come from the Father who is perfect and does not change. As children of our Father we are “birthed” by the word of truth, so we can fulfil our purpose as God’s servants. Yet the history of Israel shows that they were often ignorant of God’s purpose. They discounted God’s power and his work in their lives. They were blind to the truth, and suffered as a result of their lack of understanding. So how are Christians  to speak the truth?

The Messiah and His Followers

Jesus, the Messiah, came to reveal the Father. Yet in speaking the truth about who he was, he offended many. They found Jesus’ teaching to be offensive, disagreeable, even absurd. The truth was a stumbling block to them and they stopped following Christ and they rejected his teachings. Yet, like Jesus, we have been called to love God and teach his ways. In teaching the truth we are not to omit even the smallest detail of the law — the truth of how to live in harmony with God. Then it is no wonder, that like our master, we may offend people when teaching the truth. Yet God asks us to speak the truth in love. So how do we do this?

“Aletheuo” — Truthing in Love

God does not want people to continue in their personal delusions, the errant thoughts and actions that will end in unfortunate consequences. He calls his servants to “Aletheuo” — this is the calling of speaking the truth in love. Led by God’s spirit his people will speak the truth with wisdom’s gentleness. They will be thoughtful listeners who are patient and reflective in responding to others. Yet, they will not neglect to speak the unwelcome truth that God expects us to deliver at the appropriate time and circumstance. Learn more about speaking the truth as God’s faithful children.

The Dilemma of Truth

Truth and Consequences

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