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April 23rd, 2017

Righteous Government? An Oxymoron?

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Venezuelan protestors

Righteous Government, an Oxymoron?

Is our Government Righteous?

Recently, a liberal writer criticized the Canadian Liberal government under the leadership of Justin Trudeau of trying to be “righteous.” This accusation was focused on the government’s desire to “regulate” the sale of marijuana to minors. There is a general feeling among many liberals that one cannot legislate morality or justice. They then conclude that any legislative attempts to curtail freedom is unnecessary if not counter-productive. But is this the reality? Are there righteous governments? What would they look like, and what policies would they embrace?

Addiction and Other Human Failings

Governments attempt to deal in a variety of ways with the problem of addiction, prostitution and other human predilections that seem hardwired in humanity. Recently, we have seen the demise of laws that had criminalized drugs and prostitution. Will these changes lead to a better society? Or are they vain promises of liberty, that only lead to greater depravity beguiling, luring, and enslaving the weak. That was the apostle Peter’s evaluation of his society, and similar erudite philosophies of his time. “Pompous vain words designed to sound profound, but are not true.”

Righteous Government is Coming

Righteous government may seem like an oxymoron based on past and present experience in our world. But changes are coming in government, though not as most people might expect. There is coming a time when those who hate justice and promote immorality will no longer rule. In their place will be those who believe, “He that rules over men must be just — ruling in the fear of God. God’s instruction manual provides guidance for those who would rule fairly. Righteous government is a future reality, that will bring justice, equity, and growth. Christ’s rule will result in a time of unending peace. Are you preparing for your role in that righteous government?

Christian Leadership — Are you Preparing?

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