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June 6th, 2020

Pentecost: The Spirit will Transform the World

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Power of God's spiritNoah a Man with God’s Spirit

Pentecost envisions a future far different from our present world. Future historians may well look back on our time and describe an age of broken people leading broken lives. And this malady of the human spirit has a long history. Even in the time of Noah, the broken nature of civilization resulted in a situation where people’s imaginations were continually evil. They too, were broken people with broken lives. But in the midst of this society there was one man who walked counter to the culture of his time. There was one who embraced God’s goals and was motivated by God’s spirit to accomplish his will.

The Heart and the Spirit

In every age God has looked for people who would fulfill his purpose. After God rejected Saul for his unfaithfulness, he taught Samuel a lesson about who God chooses and why. God did not look at someone’s physical stature or social standing. God was interested in a leader who would have the heart to obey him and nurture his people. So he chose a shepherd, someone who knew how to care for a flock of ewes and lambs. David, the youngest son with the least social credibility, was chosen by God and given the gift of God’s spirit so he could rule with wisdom. David was a man with the heart to do God’s will. He had the humble, repentant spirit, that saw his need for God’s spirit to empower him.

Spirit of Pentecost Poured Out

Jesus, the descendant of David, also looked for disciples who would have the heart to fully follow God. They needed to be motivated by God’s love so they could go into the world as God’s children and represent him faithfully. In order to accomplish this purpose they needed God’s spirit. And that spirit was poured out upon them on the day of Pentecost. It gave them the ability and the power to accomplish God’s purpose. But the day of Pentecost was only a foretaste of a future time. A time when the Messiah would return, and through the power of God’s spirit would transform the world.

Spirit to Transform the World

Through God’s spirit the Messiah will rule the world with wisdom and equity. He will bring the knowledge of God to the whole earth, and then judge people fairly. The Messiah, the Lord Jesus, is coming to change history and transform society, through the power of God’s spirit. Isaiah prophesied of this time when the Messiah would rule with his princes. These princes were those who are led by the Spirit. They have proved themselves faithful and steadfast to God’s will in a world of broken people with broken lives. They will witness the transformation of the world. As the spirit is poured out, the wilderness will blossom and rivers of living water will heal the environment. And peoples’ lives will be restored. They will experience peace, the fruit of a society that is just and equitable, that flows from God’s spirit.

God’s Spirit Empowers his People

God’s spirit, the spirit of Pentecost, is at work now. It is already transforming the lives of those who embrace God’s ways. The spirit is the power God gives so we can know the truth and understand God’s vision of the future. It is the power we need to be God’s witnesses, faithfully accomplishing his will. The spirit is characterized by love in all of its attributes. So it gives us the love we need to care for others with kindness and gentle strength. And, the patient endurance we need in facing the challenges we encounter in this broken world. It is through the spirit that we have been adopted as God’s children, and have an inheritance in his Kingdom. And it is by the power of the spirit that we will be transformed from flesh to spirit at Christ’s return.

Spirit of the Firstfruits

Pentecost is the feast of firstfruits. Those who are living in the spirit now, using its power to accomplish their Father’s will, are the firstfruits of humanity. They are to be the firstborn children in God’s kingdom and heirs with Jesus Christ. They will rule with the Messiah and have a part in transforming the world through the power of the spirit of God. In a time when our world is broken, suffering from disease, violence, corruption and instability, there is hope. Pentecost offers the hope that comes from the power of God’s spirit working in individuals now, and being poured out on all nations in the future.

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