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April 6th, 2018

Passover – A Prophetic Vision and Hope for the Future

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The Importance of “Vision”

“Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restrain.” But what is the answer to this dilemma? Scriptures assure us that those who have vision will be blessed. Why? Because they will know the truth that sets them free. They will no longer be enslaved by false ideas and lack the vision that is essential to a hopeful future. So what is that truth? As we rehearse year by year the story of the Exodus and God’s deliverance we should be mindful of the prophetic vision it provides. A vision of freedom that is rooted in the truth of God’s word. Do you have this vision of the future to encourage and empower you?

The Truth from Jesus

The religious leaders of Jesus day thought that they, Abraham’s descendants, had never been in bondage. They were so blind to reality that they could not even acknowledge the truth that they had been slaves and were still in slavery. And this was more than a physical reality for those people subjugated under Roman rule, it was a spiritual reality too! Their lack of a prophetic vision blinded them to even the most basic understanding of the message of Passover. Each year they celebrated Passover and Israel’s deliverance from slavery. Every Passover they recounted the story of the harsh conditions and brutal taskmasters who oppressed the Israelites. But they missed the spiritual lessons.

Sons and Daughters…no longer Slaves

Israel was redeemed from slavery because of God’s covenant with his people. Israel was God’s son by covenant and once freed from Egypt would be a slave no longer. God’s miraculous and gracious deliverance was so his people could worship him. The prophetic vision from the beginning was one of sonship. No longer mere slaves in God’s household, his people could walk in faith and obedience with him. This same vision empowers every believer. Having been delivered from darkness into God’s light we are no longer slaves but sons and daughters.

Living “Unleavened” Lives

As children of God our Father we can live “unleavened” lives, walking in sincerity and truth. Freed from the burden of sin that clouds our vision we can embrace the prophetic vision of the future restoration of all things. We will receive the blessing of those who keep God’s law, his word of truth. For in keeping God’s teachings and instructions, we will be walking in a manner that is worthy of our calling as God’s own children. And, having walked as faithful and obedient children, no longer slaves, we can have confidence in our future eternal inheritance as children of our father.

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