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July 15th, 2019

Perfect Peace and Sweet Sleep — God Our Healer Part 3

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God provides peace and wellnessFinding Perfect Peace

In a turbulent world with hostility and distress a part of the mainstream news diet, how does one find wellness? And yet, the Lord God’s promise is of perfect peace for those who trust in him. For he is God our Healer, and he knows the conditions required for wellness. Part of that peace comes in knowing what the future holds. For those who trust God and have his vision of the day when the Messiah will rule, there is joy and peace. But is God our refuge today? Are we trusting in him to guide us now? More

July 3rd, 2019

God Our Healer — Names of God Part 2

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God our HealerHoping for a Miracle

When we are hard-pressed, and facing death and disability due to disease, we are often searching for a miracle. The good news is that God our Healer does have that miracle working power. Jesus came to earth for many reasons, but one of them was that he “healed every kind of disease.” He was and still is God our healer; it was a sign that he was the Messiah. Jesus did the unthinkable and touched the man with leprosy, healing him of this great affliction. He performed this miracle as a testimony of his authority as Messiah, and as a way of preaching. But it is noteworthy that he also told the man to fulfill the law of Moses, and make the appropriate offering for an atonement.  More

June 22nd, 2019

God our Healer — Names of God

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YHVH RopheGod Our Healer — Tests his People

When Israel left Egypt, and entered the desert of Sinai one of the first challenges they faced was a lack of water.
It was at the waters of Mara that God performed a miracle. By healing the water, God turn the bitter waters into fresh sweet water . God had tested them and many had responded with discontent and grumbling. But God was faithful and provided for his people. Paul used their example as an object lesson for all believers that we should to trust in God in times of trial.
Then God gave his first ‘lesson’ to the nation of former Egyptian slaves. He gave them a promise if they would listen to him and do what was right!  Then, God would not put on them any of the diseases they had suffered in Egypt. And he would be known by his name, God our Healer, Yahweh Rophe.  More

June 22nd, 2019

God the Father’s Great Plan

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God the Father's great planGod’s Mysterious Plan

Would it surprise you to know that God the Father’s great plan is a mystery to a heavenly audience? Both Paul and Peter wrote to encourage God’s people to remain strong, knowing that they were in a struggle with spiritual forces. And there were angelic onlookers!
The Father’s plan is being worked out in the lives of those he has called to walk with him. And they are to be his witnesses, not only to people, but to angelic beings, too. We who are called into God’s service are stewards of God’s mystery, his plan. And we must understand God’s purpose and our role in it. More

June 9th, 2019

The Spirit Reveals God’s Nature

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spirit reveals God's natureTransformed into God’s Image

A Christian, according to scripture, is someone who has the spirit of God within them. So, how is it that the spirit reveals God’s nature within a Christian? What is the evidence of the transformation that begins to take place when someone is baptized and receives the Holy Spirit? When John the Baptist was fulfilling his commission, God gave him a sign to show that Jesus was the Messiah, one who was filled with God’s spirit. But there is no such sign for most Christians. We must look elsewhere for evidence of the spirit at work within us. More

June 2nd, 2019

Transformed by the Spirit of God — Road to Pentecost

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transformed by God's SpiritSpiritual Warfare

Christians are called to fight an ongoing battle against a spiritual adversary. But this is only possible if we are being transformed by the Spirit of God. Peter encourages believers to stay alert and watch out, so we can successfully conquer and be victorious in our struggles. We win this spiritual warfare by becoming holy as God is holy. It is only the spirit of God that will give us the courage of our convictions, and the godly character that will set us apart from this world. How does this happen? More

May 25th, 2019

What Spirit Motivates You?

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spirit of God or spirit of the world

Daniel Borup – sculptor

A Lesson from James and John

What kind of spirit motivates people to do what they do? To answer that question, Luke, wrote of Jesus’ journey with this disciples to Jerusalem. Along the road the weary travellers asked to stay in a Samaritan village, but they were rebuffed. Why? Because the Samaritans saw that the group was on their way to Jerusalem. Now, there had been 500 years of contention between Jews and Samaritans over where one should worship. It had begun long before in the time of Zerubbabel when the Samaritans had tried to undermine the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem. So there was a long-standing ethnic feud that prompted the Samaritan’s reaction to Jesus and his disciples. Their sin was a mere lack of hospitality to travel worn strangers. What would you have done if you walked in their sandals? More