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November 22nd, 2020

What is Our Core Identity? Where do We Belong?

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core identity Where do we belong

    When Society Splinters – Where do We Belong

Is North American society at a major cultural turning point that will define or redefine our core identity? And what is our personal core identity? Where do we belong in a time of political, economic, and cultural upheaval? In the past century the world has experienced the ‘break-up’ of several once powerful nation-states into a multitude of warring civil groups. The core cultural identity of these areas was not sufficient to stop the splintering of society into multiple factions. And the end result for the individual was often catastrophic. Millions died and millions more became fearful and disillusioned. So this presents a question for Christians in times of political and social upheavals. Where do we belong and what is our core identity? More

November 15th, 2020

Winners and Losers – God’s Advice for Today

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winners and losersWinners Need a Spiritual Compass

What does the bible have to say about winners and losers? Can you win, yet still lose? Can you ‘cheat’ and still win? Can you lose, but ultimately win? The apostle Paul, considered himself one of the worst of all sinners, as he had persecuted other believers. And yet, God had shown him great mercy. So Paul could put his past behind him and run the spiritual race with a hope of success. Paul used his experiences of loss to coach others in running their race and winning the prize of eternal life. He encouraged believers to have faith in Christ and follow the scriptural teachings. They needed to have their spiritual/moral compass set to the true north of God’s word, so they could run with a clear conscience. So are we running to win? More

November 11th, 2020

Conquer Evil with Integrity – God’s Advice for Today

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conquer evil with integrityEvil Doers and their Evil Plans

To conquer evil, what is in the Christian arsenal? As a scripturalist Christian you have no doubt discovered that you do not fit into society. You cannot wholeheartedly embrace the ideologies of any of the highly partisan political tribes. For some of your acquaintances your scriptural perspectives are perhaps too ‘conservative.’ But for others, your views are just too ‘liberal.’ Isaiah’s prophecy of the nature of the time before the return of the Lord God as King of Kings rings true to you. Isaiah wrote of the fools who would make evil plans, would enrich themselves, and call themselves “liberal.’ When in reality they would reject the liberal ideals. The ideals of generosity, kindness, and community that are the basis of our constitutional freedoms.

So what is a Christian to do to conquer evil, in a time like ours? More

November 7th, 2020

Pro Choice? Choose Life! Hear God’s Perspective.

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sanctity of lifePro- Choice? Make the Wise Choice!

Today’s abortion debate is framed in terms of pro-life or pro-choice, as if they are opposing ideas. But can we believe in choice and choose life? The God of scripture is vehemently pro-choice, as he has given everyone freewill. However, he does not leave us without guidance and the instructions we need to live well. The Lord God tells us to choose, and that the choices we have are between choosing death or life. But make no mistake, for God commands us to choose life! This is not only for our good, but for the good of our descendants, and society as a whole. Our choices make a difference, and not just for us. So what will we choose for ourselves, and our children? Will we listen to the advice of our Maker? More

November 1st, 2020

What Makes for a Good Leader?

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A Good Leader is hard to find grayscale

Good Leaders are Hard to Find

God was a Good Leader and he had chosen Samuel to judge his people! But when the people saw that Samuel’s sons were not godly men and used their position as judges to take bribes, they petitioned Samuel to give them a king. Israel had lived under a theocracy for several generations. God was their leader, the law of God was their constitution, and God gave them judges to guide them. But now they wanted to be like all the other nations. God’s response was to give them what they wanted. But, he also gave them a warning. He told Samuel to tell the people the consequences of having a king. For a good leader was hard to find.

Knowing the nature of humanity, God predicted that Israel’s kings would More

October 25th, 2020

Choices Have Consequences – Grieving God or Finding Grace?

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Lessons from Ezekiel’s Age

choices have consequences grieving God or finding graceThere is much turmoil in the world of politics and we are being asked to make important choices. We must remember that choices have consequences. In the time of Ezekiel, the prophet, the political leaders of the day assembled before him with a request. Paul reminds us that God’s answer to those leaders is as important to us today, as it was to the elders of Israel then. Whatever we are enduring, others have endured in the past. But it is through acknowledging God’s faithfulness and relying on his deliverance through every trying circumstance that we will have success. So what was God’s message for the leaders of Ezekiel’s day? More

October 24th, 2020

God’s Reality or Solipsism – You Must Choose

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God's reality or solipsismWhat is Solipsism?

Paul made people aware of the need to make a decisive choice, for we either buy into God’s reality or solipsism. In writing his last epistle to Timothy, Paul warned of the problems of solipsism, and admonished Timothy to avoid solipsistic people. Not that Paul would have understood this modern term, but rather that he understood the nature of people to be self-absorbed. Paul saw within his society the seeds of the future. He understood that the notion that the ‘self’ is the only reality often degenerates into a boastful, arrogant, self-love, that focuses on gratifying self with sensual pleasures. In modern times it was Descartes who proposed that ‘I think and therefore I am.’ This concept has transformed modernly into selfish solipsism championing the idea that ‘the self is all that exists.’ But what should the attitude of a Christian be? More