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January 23rd, 2021

Those Who Bear God’s Name — The Third Commandment

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Third CommandmentWhat Do You Mean – ‘In Vain?’

It is no easy matter to bear God’s name! Moses and Jesus agree that there are proper and improper uses of God’s name. And, they go far beyond casual swearing in daily conversation. There is much more to the third commandment about not taking God’s name in vain, than using God’s name in silly banter or irreverent dialogue. When we look at the concept of a ‘vain’ use of God’s name it means a useless or worthless use of his name. It is using God’s name without due respect, or in a false or deceptive manner. And perhaps, this last misuse of God’s name is the most relevant today. More

January 6th, 2021

Beware of Idolatry – Eliminate Idols: The Second Commandment

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eliminate idols 2The Command Against Idolatry

When God brought Israel out of Egypt he asked them to eliminate idols from their lives. God was their deliverer, their saviour and the only one worthy of worship. He did not want his children, creating images to represent him. Nor should they be worshipping things that were not God, things that could not deliver them. In worshipping and loving God alone, there would be blessings to a thousand generations. These Israelites had seen the plagues that God had used to decimate Egypt and deliver his covenant people. Each one had been designed to strike at the heart of the Egyptian’s idolatrous worship. They had witnessed the great power of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that had demolished the credibility of Egypt’s gods. More

December 27th, 2020

Who’s Your Authority? – The First Commandment

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first commandment Who is your authority

Who do You Trust?

Consider the first commandment! It is all about who you trust to tell you the truth about right and wrong, good and evil. It involves placing confidence in someone who has greater insight and intellect than yourself. It is a matter of who you will allow to have the primary place of authority in your life.

So, who are your authorities, whether in the realm of politics, science, medicine, or other pursuits? And does it matter? Have you asked yourself if your authorities are true? Are they also good? What about faithful? And finally, are your authorities powerful? When it comes to this world’s authorities on the latest medical issue, or governmental proposal, or political promise can you count on your authorities? Will they act out of love for you personally? Do they have the power to perform what they propose for your benefit? If not, perhaps you need to rethink the issue of who you will heed when it comes to standards of right and wrong behaviour or thought. More

December 24th, 2020

Good News about Christ’s Birth

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Good News - Immanuel - God with usChrist’s Miraculous Birth

Christ’s birth was a miraculous and foundational element of Christian belief. This historic event is not accurately portrayed among most traditional churches, as it most certainly did not happen December 25th. And typically, in the midst of the winter celebration, the story and import of Christ’s birth is obscured by useless traditions. So what really happened? And why is it important for people to understand the message that Christ’s birth conveys? The bible has stories that you may not know and answers that might surprise you. More

December 16th, 2020

When the Wicked Rise to Power – Choose Your Path

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Wicked rise to powerIf the Wicked Rise to Power – Lessons in History

The book of Proverbs tell us that when the wicked rise to power, “men hide themselves.” On the other hand, when the righteous triumph there is great joy and celebration. It is a disgrace to any nation to allow the wicked to rise to power for they will rage against those who value truth and integrity. The wicked both hate and fear the citizens who love what is good. And the wicked will seek to destroy the wise and courageous people who oppose their evil plans. The events in the 1600’s in England demonstrated the wisdom of the Proverb. In this time of great political and religious upheaval, Matthew Poole learned there were times to speak and times to be silent. More

December 15th, 2020

Your Spiritual Red Lines?

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Don't cross the red lineRed Lines and our Ethical Standards

When an employer or a government official asks you to do something, are there personal ‘red lines’ that you will not cross? As we enter a time of uncertainty are we prepared, knowing our moral and ethical lines that must be preserved regardless of the pressure to abandon them.
The religious authorities in Jesus’ day confronted him as he was in the temple celebrating the Feast of Dedication. They wanted to know if he was the Messiah, and what was the proof he could offer them. Jesus was not going to be bullied, but stated clearly that his works had already testified to his Messiahship. He made it clear that his ‘sheep,’ those that trusted and followed him, would follow his example. They would know what ‘red lines’ could not be crossed. More

November 29th, 2020

Sodom and Lot – Lessons from Biblical History

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Sodom and Lot - lessons from biblical history

Sodom and Lot and the End of the Age

When Jesus prophesied about the nature of society at the end of the age he told us to remember Sodom and Lot, and Noah and the flood. Jesus believed there were important lessons to be learned in remembering these places and events in history. Yet, he said these societies on the surface appeared ‘normal.’ Most people went about their daily activities indicating that life was ‘business as usual.’ They were buying and selling, farming and harvesting until destruction came upon them suddenly. Yet, if one had the insight of God and could see into people’s hearts, there was a different picture. For as the Lord God said, he felt compelled to destroy them for the ‘thoughts of their hearts were only evil continually.’
So how does our society fit into this picture? Are we there yet, wholly given to doing evil? Or do we still value truth and life? More