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October 28th, 2018

Peace in a Time of Cyber Warfare — Peace that Passes Understanding

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peace that passes understandingPeace When there is No Peace

Appearances can be deceptive. Living on a “peaceful” island we may be unaware of the devastation others are experiencing due to hurricanes or flooding. Scripture speaks to us of the peace that passes understanding. This is a peace or wholeness that comes from God. We have this peace in spite of fearful, troubling circumstances. In the world we will face problems, difficulties, and disappointments. But Jesus promises us peace and contentment. This is not because we do not suffer with the world at times. Rather, in our suffering we trust in God and his promises. Whether we face the destructive forces of nature, or are embroiled in the midst of ethnic tensions or warfare, the peace that passes understanding comes from our hope in God.

Peace in a Time of Cyber Warfare

But there is a new war on a variety of battlefronts than many now face. It is the battle for the mind. Foreign Policy magazine warns of the ever-evolving nature of modern warfare and the “hacking” of people’s minds. More

October 27th, 2018

Will God Re-Establish Zion? Will He Fulfill His Promise?

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restoring ZionWhat Happened to the Promise to Re-establish Zion?

In the first century believers in the Messiah were already becoming willfully ignorant of God’s purpose and promises. Peter however, as an eye-witness to Christ’s ministry had a great confidence in the message of Jesus Christ and the prophets. He was assured by Isaiah’s prophecy that Christ would indeed lay a sure foundation in Zion. In Zion an administration would be established with righteousness its plummet, and justice its measuring line. Zion would be founded on the impartial, equitable application of God’s laws, by the Messiah, the King of Kings. Is Zion here yet? More

October 27th, 2018

Don’t Systematize the Error! Avoid Anomia

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systematized error and Paul's warningPaul’s Warning a Message for Us Today!

Paul, while in prison, wrote a passionate plea to the brethren in Ephesus. He was warning them to avoid anomia, the systematized error of their day. He was concerned that they were being “tossed to and fro” by the winds of false doctrines. He encouraged them to be mature and walk worthy of their calling. They were to be transformed, no longer walking in the aimless, purposeless and lawless ways of their society. For such ignorant behaviour would continue to alienate them from God. If they returned to their former lawless ways they would become willfully blind to God’s priorities. So it was crucial to avoid anomia, the systematized error or well-crafted deception — that lawless insolence that is the product of sensuality. More

October 13th, 2018

Live as Pilgrims and Exiles – Do Not Fret!

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living as pilgrims and exilesLiving in a Polarized Society

How can we live as pilgrims and exiles in a society that rejects godly values or the existence of the Creator? Navigating the troubled ideological and cultural waters of modernity can be stressful! But our future depends on our thoughts, attitudes, and actions. So what is God’s advice to his people through David’s psalm? “Do not fret!” So, if we are grieved, angry, and incensed at the behaviour of others, and the denial of godly morality God gives this warning. He does not want us to “go on the warpath.” Rather we are to put our trust in his justice and his timing. So what thoughts, attitudes and actions should we adopt in order to secure the future God has planned for us? More

October 4th, 2018

Paul: from Adversary to Ambassador of Christ

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adversary to ambassadorPaul the Zealot

As a young man, the zeal of Phinehas, the priest in Moses’ time, was something Paul would have wanted to emulate. Phinehas was a national “hero!” And he had been promised a perpetual covenant with God because of his zeal. Paul, like Phinehas, was eager to rid the nation of the lawbreakers. He  hoped this would usher in the Messianic age. Like zealots of his time, Paul wanted to see the return of the Messiah and the end of Roman rule. So, when a group of Jews began preaching about a “crucified Messiah” this did not fit into Paul’s worldview! And though he had been taught by Gamaliel, Paul did not have Gamaliel’s “live and let live” attitude. When it came to dealing with the sect of the Nazarenes Paul was a formidable adversary. More

September 29th, 2018

Dreams of Utopia – Time of Restoration

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dreams of utopiaBad News — Good News

In our society it is easy to create a short-list, a litany, of all the evils of our age. We suffer as a result of wealth inequality, desperate refugees fleeing intolerable conditions, corruption in politics and business, environmental destruction, acute and chronic disease, and the rise of destructive technologies. The bible predicted all of these woes, that would follow those who say evil is good and good is evil. But more importantly, God offers a solution! He does not focus on the futility of man’s ways, but on the future he envisions. He wants us to embrace his dreams of Utopia. More

September 26th, 2018

A Command to Rejoice? Here’s how!

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God Gave a Command to Rejoice to Israel

Whether we have the blessing of fellowshipping on God’s Holy Days in a place he has chosen or whether we are home alone, God gives us all a command. During these special times of year that God sets apart as Holy, we have been given a command to rejoice. But sometimes this is not easy! And as we celebrate we need to consider God’s admonition that “everyone” should rejoice. There is a responsibility to care for the needs not only of our family, but of our servants, the foreigners, the orphans and the widows. God’s festivals are a blessing as we rejoice in God’s goodness. But they are also a duty. More