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March 31st, 2019

Nature of God – What God Hates

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The Parable of the Harvest

what God hatesMost Christians know that ‘God is love.” God’s character is one of loving loyalty.

But do we know what God hates?

Jesus in explaining the coming Kingdom of God spoke of a future time when the wheat was to be gathered into the barn. But he also made it clear that the tares, the weeds, would be burned. This analogy of harvest season represented the coming reality. The saints, the sons of the Kingdom would receive a reward for their faithful service to God. But there was also a “reward” for the lawless, those who used deceit and entrapment to lure others away from the perfect law of liberty. Jesus confirmed that there was coming a day of judgment. And the standard of judgment was based on what God loves, and what God hates.

Building on a Sure Standard

So what is God’s standard? Jesus declared clearly that we are to live by every word of God. God’s standards are sure, they are not relative, he is not a ‘respecter of persons,’ nor is there a ‘sliding scale.’ Obedience to God’s teaching produces good results, while ignoring his instructions produces negative consequences. God’s word must be our reference point for our behaviour, what we think, feel, and do. And God has strong opinions on what is acceptable behaviour. Why? Because he made us and he knows what works in our best interest. In fact, if we refuse to listen to God and accept his foundational principles then our prayers will not be heard.

What God Hates

So it is important to know what God hates, so we can avoid undermining our relationship with our Father. From the time of Adam, through the experience of Israel in the wilderness, to the time of Paul’s writings the message is consistent. God does not change. God hates idolatry! And he detests the practices associated with false gods – sorcery, child sacrifice, abortion, prostitution, adultery, drug-abuse, deceit, theft. The Creator did not want his people caught up in the common culture of their day. Why? Because he knew that the syncretism, the blending of truth and lies, would eventually lead to their destruction. God does not change, and he wants his people to live fulfilling prosperous lives. But more importantly God hates everything that will keep us from inheriting the Kingdom of God and receiving the gift of eternal life. Do we hate what God hates?

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