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September 16th, 2017

The Mystery of Wheat and Weeds: a Spiritual Lesson

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spiritual lessons from the parablesMystery of Wheat and Weeds – The Parables

Jesus often spoke in parables. These stories had obvious meaning to all who listened. They were “agricultural” lessons that were part of their daily lives. But, there was a hidden message, too. The parables revealed the mystery of the Kingdom. Yet, it was only discerned by the few who “had ears to hear.” And who had “ears to hear,” but those people God was calling into a relationship with Him. Those who were willing to change their lives. Those who would turn from lawlessness to embrace God’s teachings. They were the wheat. So, who were the weeds?

Mystery of Wheat and Weeds – Judgment Day

The parables were also prophetic, anticipating a day when Christ would judge the world. Figuratively, it would be a time of spiritual “harvest.” At that time, a distinction would be made between the wheat and the weeds. Those who serve God and those who do not. But God is fair. He judges people based on what they are given to understand. And only the few were given “eyes to see and ears to hear” in Jesus time. God is also merciful, and that mercy involves a time for all things. His desire is that all should be “saved.” And yet, each person at the optimal time for them — some sooner and some later.

Mystery of Wheat and Weeds – The Faithful Servant

The lesson for the “wheat” is one of self-reflection. Many parables speak to our need to examine ourselves and be prepared for Christ’s return. Are we changing our lives to conform to God’s standard of what is right and wrong? Have we planted in good ground and produced the fruit of the spirit that God is looking for? Are we prepared and “awake” doing those things that will please our master? And are we faithful servants, teaching God’s ways to others by word and godly example? Let the parables open your eyes and ears to the mystery God reveals to his people.

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