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June 23rd, 2017

Law of Moses — The Greatest Commandment

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Love God with all your soul

Law of Moses and the “Mega” command

The lawyers of Jesus’ day, experts in the law, wanted to subvert Jesus and his teaching. They asked him what was the “greatest commandment,” the “mega” command in the law of Moses. They came from a perspective of living a life, where one balanced good deeds against bad. They divided the laws into heavy and light ones, giving more weight to some and not the others. Jesus castigated them for “majoring in the minors.” Like many of today’s religious and political elites they were guilty of “straining at the gnat and swallowing the camel.” They missed the essence of the law — the greatest commandment. What is it?

What does “Love” mean?

Jesus, the Word, who inspired the prophet Jeremiah envisioned a time when the nation would all know God. In that future time of restoration the commandments would be internalized. The people would walk with God, embracing his will. And their motivation would be love, “agapao.” To fully understand loving God with all of our heart, soul, and might, we must examine the meaning of “agapao.” Jesus in talking to the religious leaders, affirmed that this was the greatest commandment. He said the second, love for neighbour, is also a “mega” command. So what does “agapao” mean, is it mere sentiment, feeling? Is it just doing “nice” things for the one who is loved?

The Law 0f Love from the Beginning

Only God can define, love. He is the originator of love. His character is one of love for others. Love as defined by God is “agapao” — preferring what God prefers. Choosing what God chooses. Obedience to God’s will. And where can we look to find God’s preferences? In the very beginning, in the first book of the law of Moses, we begin to find God’s will. Here is a primary example of love for God and neighbour, and it’s opposite. God presented the story of Abel and Cain, and the apostle John used this example to teach about our responsibilities as Christians. John focused in on the Law of Moses — the Greatest commandment. Are we listening to the law of Moses, and understanding the implications of the great commands in the law?

Finding True Love

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