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August 11th, 2017

Labouring in the Gospel – What Does That Mean?

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Labouring in the Gospel

labouring in the gospelSorting Truth from Error

In a world of false messaging, and secular “gospels” that can’t help but produce dystopian outcomes, what does “labouring in the gospel” mean? Christians are called to “labour” in order to fight for godly values — Judeo-Christian values. Daniel prophesied of a world where the godless would rule. False teaching would predominate. Yet, at the same time, the spiritually attuned would need to be strong. They would need to take action to continue to teach the truth. In a time of moral relativism, half-truths, and outright deceptions, it requires persistence to continue to teach those who are still willing to listen to the gospel of truth.

Holding to the Traditions

We are encouraged to labour, building on the solid foundation of Christ’s teachings.  But we are also warned that there are “false gospels” and “false teachers.” They teach their own ideas motivated by a different spirit. The apostles were not ashamed to teach the gospel. Though it was unpopular and brought persecutions upon them. They persevered in their labours to bring this good news of God’s plan. They taught the way of right living to bolster the faith of many.

We are “Fellow Labourers”

Today we are also to labour in the gospel, by “teaching all nations to observe all things.” This is quite the task! It requires effort. We must labour to accomplish this mission.The apostle Paul in many of his letters to the churches taught the brethren the importance of their role as “labourers.” We continue to fulfill this role in our time. Every time we teach about God’s way of life, we are labouring in the gospel. When we admonish others to overcome in their spiritual battles, we are labouring with the apostles. If we exhort, and teach the truth of scripture with patience to comfort others, then we are labouring with God. How have you been a “fellow-labourer” today?

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