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November 11th, 2017

Jealous or Zealous…It’s All about Context!

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Jealous or zealous

Jealousy Has Its Consequences Internationally

The 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, and the family feud over the land of Israel still continues. This document of the League of Nations gave the British a mandate to govern Palestine. It also gave the Jews a right to return to their ancient homeland, thus fulfilling many prophecies. And yet from this moment their Arab “cousins” jealousy has bought terrible conflict, hardship, and heartache. Yet God will still use the jealousy of those who hate Israel to accomplish his purpose.

Jealousy In the Family

The notorious jealousy of Joseph’s brothers prompted them to hate Joseph and sell him into slavery. Their jealousy was in contrast to Joseph’s zealous service to God that eventually worked to save the whole family. Joseph had been “sold down the river” by his brothers and as a result he suffered much pain and anguish. Yet, God was with him, and fulfilled all his dreams. The religious leaders of Jesus’ day were also motivated by jealousy. Even Pilate understood that the leaders delivered Jesus up to be crucified because of their jealousy. Similarly, the Jews were jealous of both Peter and Paul when they saw the power that God had given his apostles. Paul recognized that jealousy was the reason for quarrels and strife among the church brethren.

Jealous or Zealous

In both the Hebrew and Greek scriptures the word for jealous also could be translated “zealous” depending on the context. It depends on what “makes us boil.” We are told that the envious and jealous will not inherit the kingdom. Their desire to have the power, status, or wealth of others is a major stumbling block. Yet, God is jealous or zealous for his people, working on their behalf to fulfill his promises to them. Our work as the people of God is to put on the armour of light and fight the good fight zealously.


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