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June 30th, 2018

God has an Agenda — A Permanent Enduring Hope

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God's agenda - a permanent enduring hopeThe Messiah Will Bring Justice

God offers a promise of a permanent enduring hope, that is guaranteed by his faithfulness. He is the creator of all things, and his purpose will be accomplished. There is coming a time when the Messiah will rule and bring justice! He will not fail in his duty to establish the kingdom in righteousness. So what will this mean for all those who in their ignorance or stupidity have rejected God’s agenda? What will happen to those who have forgotten God and turned to “idols” of their own devising?

A Lesson for the Willfully Blind

In every age there have been those who have denied God’s power and embraced evil as a lifestyle. They are unwilling to examine the reality, and would rather trust in false narratives — false gods. They not only trust in lies themselves, but they are eager to push their intolerance for the truth on others. And sometimes human “Courts of Justice” entrench this blindness in “law.” Trouncing an individual’s rights of religious freedom, they establish “equality” rights that ignore the truth of God’s teaching. As the apostle Paul declared in his day, those who had the power, “Exchanged the truth of God for a lie.” So what should be our response in dealing with these affronts to God’s justice in our society?

Having the “Big Picture View”

When living in dangerous times, when the truth is considered “evil,” we should be troubled, but not shaken. God offers hope for eternity, to those who perceive his agenda. With God’s assurance of everlasting life, and his law in our hearts, we need not fear. Though persecution will come to those who live godly lives in an unjust world, God promises the power to endure. There is no trouble that we cannot overcome with God’s help. And, nothing can keep us from obtaining the permanent enduring hope that God offers to those who believe him.

Our Vision and Mission

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