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March 3rd, 2018

God Does the Improbable

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Haman and Mordecai a story of role reversal

God Does the Improbable

Most people live their daily lives with no consideration for what God has done or continues to do. So it would surprise them to know how God works — how God does the improbable. But, those who have faith, who trust in God, believe that God will give them victory over death. Is there anything more ‘improbable’ than that? Our spiritual ancestors understood God’s power to reward those who seek him. So, they didn’t just believe he exists. They believed in his power to intervene and do the improbable in their lives. Do you?

Hezekiah Expected the Improbable

The bible records the exploits of the Assyrians in overcoming the covenant people. They had decimated the Northern ten tribes and taken them captive. Much of Judah had been plundered and Jerusalem was under siege. However, Hezekiah the ruler, believed that God does the improbable. He spread out the threatening letters before God, and pleaded for his intervention. It was no surprise to Hezekiah that God heard his pleas for help and intervened in a miraculous way to defend the city. God does test his people, but he also delivers them. Isaiah, recounted this story in his biblical account. And recently in an archeological excavation on the temple mounts southern wall a seal of ‘Isaiah’ was uncovered. It was in the same stratigraphy, and a mere 10 feet away from the place that a seal of Hezekiah had been unearthed earlier. Improbable?

Purim and the Improbable

The biblical account of Haman’s plans for genocide is found in the book of Esther. Could there be a more ‘improbable’ circumstance for a Jewish orphan than to be called to the king’s court. And that once in the court she should gain the favour of all and be raised to the position of Queen of Persia? Yet, God does the improbable. And as improbable as it might seem, Esther and Mordecai, were able to reverse Haman’s plans. Through their faithfulness, God delivered his people, and crushed the evil-doers. Improbable? Not to those who have faith in the God of the bible.

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