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December 26th, 2017

Euthanasia and Abortion — Issues of Death and Life

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Euthanasia and Abortion — Issues of Death and Life

who owns my lifeWhat does the bible have to say about the thorny topics of euthanasia and abortion. These matters have come to the fore recently with a number of governments enacting new laws to address the issues. Yet, in reality, these are not new issues, they have their ancient counterparts. As followers of Christ, we need to ask, “What would Jesus do?” if he were living in our time. What advice would he offer when it comes to the death and life issues of our era?

Assisted Suicide?

right-to-dieBack in early February 2015, the Canadian Supreme Court decriminalized physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia. The court insisted that to do otherwise would mean that citizens would have a duty to live. This current Supreme Court reversed its previous 1993 decision on this same subject, and instead launched a “right-to-die” revolution in Canada’s legal policy …



Life and Death — Who Decides?

who owns my lifeCanada’s Supreme Court has just given the green light to “doctor assisted suicide” in spite of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that supposedly guarantees a “right to life.” So who really has the right to decide whether you should live or die? Does God have something to say about this contentious issue of life and death?




Sanctity of Life and Holiness

right to dieIf you are walking with God, in covenant with Him, you have been called to live a holy life, consecrated and set-apart to serve God. Holy as God is holy! So when it comes to death and dying what does God tell us to do, or avoid doing? In a time when society is beginning to deny the sanctity of life and embrace policies of assisted suicide, mercy killing, or euthanasia, what attitude and actions should we adopt in order to be God’s holy people?



When is it Murder?

Mistake or Choice?For many people the big right–to-life issues in our society involve the slide down the slippery slopes of abortion and euthanasia. Yet, in these matters God gives us a choice, but He also tells us what we should choose, if we are to have a relationship with Him. Jeff Patton takes a closer look at these life and death questions and asks, “Is it murder?” What does the bible say?




Statistical Deceit and Moral Hazard

moral-hazard2The provincial Ministry of Health responded in a statement to the National Post: “Records relating to abortion services are highly sensitive and that is why a decision was made to exempt [suppress] these records”…. Why? Well, because they’re “sensitive.” And indeed they are.




Is Now a Time to Repent — A Nation at the Crossroads

Time to RepentVice President Pence participated recently in the “March for Life.” Acknowledging the sin of the nation in killing 60 million through abortion, he vowed to undo “Roe vs. Wade.” This change of attitude towards protecting the sanctity of life, was echoed in the hope that “Life is winning in America!” Could this be the beginning of a new era of repentance and revival? Or will the followers of Jezebel, who boast in their lawlessness and set traps for others, continue to direct the national discourse? We can pray that we will be given all the time we need to repent.


Beginnings and Endings – The Hard Choices

WSP coverWalk a Straight Path in a Crooked World.
“Beginnings and endings, we can’t avoid them! They are the stressful mileposts of life that we must all pass. Perhaps this is the reason even in a jaded, blasé and materialistic era such as ours we can still get enormously worked up over the spiritual questions of abortion and euthanasia. Beginnings and endings in this world are like chapel attendance at a strict seminary—obligatory for all who are breathing on campus no matter whether the student is neglectful or diligent in learning the lessons of life.” Beginnings and Endings -WSP13


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