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September 26th, 2022

Day of Remembrance: Feast of Trumpets — Yom Hazikaron

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What is the solution to the serious problems inherent in human governments? The Feast of Trumpets, this day of remembrance provides the answers. On so many levels the corruption of our present systems is being called out by those at the tops of their fields of endeavour. And yet this Holy Day provides a glimpse into the future and a hope for a new governance model one that is incorruptible. Do you know what the bible reveals about this day of remembrance?

The King of Kings, the Messiah will return and establish his kingdom – his government. But why will it be different from the present reality? Christ led the way showing that real leaders are not self-serving tyrants, but servant leaders who are not only aware of the needs of their people, but who actively care for them. So what does Christ ask us to remember about this day that pictures the time of his return as King of Kings?

The last trump and the return of Christ will only come after the earth has faced major devastation from war, plague, and environmental catastrophes. But all hope will not be lost, for at Christ’s return he will remember his people. He will reward those who have awe and reverence for him — those in covenant with him who have led lives of integrity and justice.

The Lord will not forsake his people. He is faithful and awesome and he will remember all who fear him on this day of remembrance. He will listen to them and write their names in his book of remembrance. This message of hope in the return of the King who will establish justice is for all those faithful servants who are using the talents God has given them.

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