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November 13th, 2016

The Creator and the Creation: Genesis 1:1

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the Creator and the Creation

The Creator and the Creation

Can Christian ministers have any credibility if they deny the existence of the Creator and the creation? In Canada recently, the news has been highlighting a controversy in the United Church of Canada (UCC) over a ministerial review of Gretta Vosper, an ordained minister in their employ, who is an avowed atheist. She, and those who support her, deny the inspiration of scripture. They deny the Creator and the creation. So what is the reality and what is the delusion?

Yet, on the other hand, the Sabbath after Succoth (Feast ofTabernacles) begins a new cycle of reading the scriptures in many Jewish communities. This is because many value the scriptures as the authoritative source of understanding to guide their lives. Christians who value the principle of sola scriptura are also people “of the book” and like the apostle Paul they look to the Hebrew scriptures for understanding, wisdom, instruction, and correction.

The reading cycle begins with the first verse of the first book, Genesis, revealing a basic understanding of the nature of God, the Creator, and the creation. Through this one scripture we come to understand the unity of God the Word, and God the Father, working in harmony to bring all things into existence – forming everything from nothing. Creating man in their image, and giving purpose to their creation. We can read many other scriptures that tie the creation to the Lord God’s power, loving loyalty, and mercy – a testimony to his character and his plan for humanity.

Who is the God of Creation?

John, the apostle, continues the theme and enhances our understanding of the relationship between the Lord God of Creation and the Word, who became the Lord Jesus, the Messiah. The apostle Paul adds detail to demonstrate that Christ as Creator is also redeemer of his creation. And the author of Hebrews explains how the Son, though God and Creator, has a plan to bring us into a family relationship with the Father, as his own brothers and sisters.

The One who laid the foundation of the earth in the beginning, who created the heavens has a great plan for you. And that plan begins with understanding the Creator and the creation in Genesis 1:1 Do you know God’s plan?

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