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November 13th, 2016

Coming Before the King of Kings: What does He Expect?

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Royal Throne in the House of Lord's Chamber - Houses of Parliament, Westminster Palace, London England

Royal Throne in the House of Lord’s Chamber – Houses of Parliament, Westminster Palace, London England

Coming Before the King

Coming before the king was often a difficult task that required great determination and patience, as it was only the few who could gain an audience with the king in order to make requests, or have grievances settled. As a tour of Hampton Court made clear, it was unlikely that any commoner would have the honour of coming before the king. Can we have access to the king?

We in our modern democratic nations may think we are more egalitarian and that it is possible to have the ear of those in leadership. However, it would seem that this situation is reversing, as the 10% of the people who own 90% of the wealth are becoming further and further removed from the common people they govern.

Yet we still have examples of “accessible” kings, like King Bhumibol, whose death at the age of 88 is being mourned this week in Thailand. He is remembered for his legacy of “sufficiency economics,” and all of his initiatives to raise the quality of life for his subjects in the poor rural areas he often visited.

The Feast of Tabernacles envisions a time when the King of Kings will return and rule the earth in righteousness. But he will not rule alone, rather his royal family will have been prepared to rule with him from Jerusalem. Even now, as leaders in training we have the great blessing of coming before the King, daily to request his help and guidance.

So what qualifications do we need to come before the King, and what does the King expect of his brethren, his royal family, who have the honour of coming before the king whenever the need arises? The scriptures make the King’s expectations clear. Do you know what they are?
Christ Leads. Will You Follow?

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