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July 4th, 2022

Christ — Who is Your Rock?

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Where do You Find Stability?

Who is Your Rock? When it comes to security and safety, the bible uses the metaphor of building on the Rock, instead of sand or gravel. Over the past decade people in a variety of places around the world have experienced disastrous consequences for having built on sand. At these locations in times of earthquake, buildings, roads and bridges have been destroyed due to liquefaction of the underlying sand or silt. This has had huge costs in terms of lives lost and infrastructure damaged. Spiritually speaking, if we build on sand – worthless and shifting ideologies — when tectonic social or political shifts occur, the result is personal disaster. So are we building on the Rock or on sand?

The spiritual condition of many western countries mirrors that of Australia, where over 40% of the population no longer have religious beliefs. They have no solid spiritual rock to build a foundation for their lives, and so they look to the state to provide for their needs, in a kind of modern idolatry.
The disciples of Jesus understood without any doubt, that Jesus was the Christ, the Messiah, the one who spoke with the authority of God the Father. It was Jesus Christ who was the ‘petra’ that monumental mountain of rock that was the foundation upon which the church was built. It was not the Roman state, but Christ , the Rock who could be relied upon for salvation and eternal life.

Who is the Chief Cornerstone?

Christ was the Rock, the chief cornerstone, and the Rock that led Israel out of Egypt. Moses extolled the virtues of the Rock of Israel, their Rock of salvation, for he was perfect, true, and just. There was no other God, no other Rock, that would be their fortress, refuge, shield, Deliverer and Saviour. There was only one Rock, the Lord God of Israel, the Lord of Hosts. And he continues to be a sanctuary and place of safety for those who trust in him. If we are to have a stable life in an unstable world where tectonic shifts can occur daily, then we need to build on Jesus Christ by doing his will.
He may be a stone of stumbling, a trap and snare, to those who hate his way, but he is a refuge for those who fear and obey him. So is Christ your Rock?


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