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May 6th, 2017

Christ Wants You!

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God wants you
Christ Wants YOU!

Who Has God Called?

Jesus in the parable of the wedding supper issues an invitation to potential followers, “Come to the wedding supper!”  Christ wants you in his Kingdom. In essence God is asking you a question, “Are you willing to come? Or, are you too busy to accept God’s invitation?” This parable is also a  lesson to those who have been willing to accept God’s invitation. It’s a lesson in humility. Paul later writes about who God calls into his service, and why? Do you know what he said to the believers at Corinth? What are the implications of Paul’s message for us today?

God’s Incredible Invitation – Christ wants You

In Jesus day, many followed him as he went from place to place teaching about the Kingdom of God. Yet it was only the few who ultimately continued as Jesus’ disciples. It was only the few who were willing to walk with God. It was only the few who were willing to imitate Christ. It was only the few who were able to put God first. One wonders. Did those who walked away from God’s invitation really understood the incredible promises that they were foregoing? Did they not understand God’s generosity and and the reward for service to him?

Counting the Cost

The story of the beginning of the new covenant church is instructive. Sometimes there is a cost to serving God. Believers are advised to consider the cost. But, they must weigh the costs and the opportunity, and then take action. The parable of the talents is an encouragement to all who would hear and act on God’s invitation. There is great reward to all those who are “faithful in a little.” But there is also a warning to those who bury their talents. There is a a cost to those who make excuses, or who fail to use their opportunity. The King who has invited us to the wedding, is looking for those who are willing to be profitable servants. Christ wants you!

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