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June 30th, 2018

Blueprint for a Future Reality — the Tabernacle

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the tabernacle a replica of a spiritual reality

A Blueprint for a Future Reality

Paul, the apostle, wanted God’s children to be mature, so they were no longer tossed about by false teachers who were trying to deceive them. He knew the importance of having spiritual vision. It was vital to be able to imagine the unseen spiritual reality. They needed to see beyond the gritty aspects of life in the Roman world by embracing a prophetic view of the future. Paul knew that a blueprint of the spiritual reality had been envisioned by God long before Israel became a nation. But, to help the people see beyond their limited view, God had provided insight into heavenly things in the creation of the tabernacle in the wilderness. It was a physical replica, built from a blueprint, and foreshadowing a future reality.

A Prophetic Vision in a 3D Model

Paul emphasized that the true tabernacle was in heaven. There, the Messiah, our high priest is seated with God the Father on his throne. This was, and still is, the real sanctuary, the true place of refuge. Here, God’s children can come to offer prayers and gifts of service. They can also accept Christ’s sacrifice to atone for their sins. Israel’s tabernacle was modelled after this pattern, the spiritual blueprint. It foreshadowed the divine city and the time when God would come to dwell with his people.

Physical Replicas and Spiritual Realities

The tabernacle was filled with God’s glory in a cloud by day and fire by night. As it was in the eternal city, God was its light. At the heart of the tabernacle the golden Ark of the Covenant held a copy of the ten commandments — God’s testimony and his core teachings. And above it was God’s earthly throne, the mercy seat. These elements were at the centre of God’s way of life. But they were exact copies, physical representations of the spiritual reality, created by master craftsmen according to the blueprint that God had provided.

God has provided many insights into the spiritual realm for those willing to examine his blueprint for a future reality.

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