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July 1st, 2018

Blueprint for the Future — the Image of God

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blueprint in the image of GodThe Tabernacle

God’s presence in the tabernacle, the tent of meeting, foreshadowed a future time in the Kingdom of God. It looked forward to the time when the Messiah would be king and would dwell with his people. A time when God’s spirit in the minds of the people would produce life and peace. This is a future hope and not our present reality. For today, people are ruled by their fleshly nature. This has resulted in our modern culture wars and an ever-increasing carnage. Did you know that this year more people in the US have died from opioid overdose than were killed during all the years of conflict in Vietnam? But there is hope, and God has already given us the blueprint for the future — an amazing future!

The Time of Refreshing

Those who are Christ’s disciples know that God is working a plan. He has a blueprint for the future that will bring about the renewal of the earth — and its people! It will be the time of refreshing and restoration that has been foretold by all of the prophets. As disciples we may be wayfarers, pilgrims, and mortal, transitory beings in the present world. Yet, to those who change their lives by turning to God, the future holds an awesome opportunity – eternal life! And, a vital responsibility,to assist Christ in restoring humanity when the time of refreshing arrives. From the time of the Garden of Eden, God’s blueprint for the future was made known to those who would believe God.

Christ the Second Adam

In the beginning, God made mankind in his image and likeness. And humanity was to represent God in the world, caring for the creation and exemplifying his nature and character. When Adam failed in this duty, Christ came as the “second Adam,” made in the image of God – as a living blueprint for all people to follow. As disciples of Christ it is our glory to follow Jesus’ footsteps, so we can become as he is — created in his image. Just as he was the firstborn from the dead and exactly reflected the image of his Father, so we can be transformed into Christ’s image. So when Christ, the Messiah, returns we will see his full glory.

Be Wary of False Images

But, God’s word also gives us a warning about false images, and forged blueprints. We must choose to reject those who would corrupt us by offering deceptive images, or icons, as patterns for our lives. God’s blueprint for the future is the only one that gives us great hope. It is the only one that accurately represents the future reality. Have you thought about what is required to follow God’s blueprint and secure your future in His presence?

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