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March 25th, 2017

Biblical Worldview: 5 Lessons from Patrick in Ireland

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patrick in ireland

Biblical Worldview: A Mystery Revealed

Over the centuries from before the time of Moses the biblical worldview has defined reality from the Creator’s perspective. God has kept his secret things, his mysteries, and given to his children those things that he has revealed. Both Matthew and Paul wrote about the mystery that has been revealed to the few and kept secret from the world. This revelation has been given that we might know how to obey God and fulfill our purpose. Yet most people, even Christians, reject this biblical worldview.

Patrick’s Legacy

In North America many celebrate with beer and revelry a day they say is in honour of St. Patrick of Ireland. But here again is a mystery! Very few acknowledge that Patrick was actually a scripturalist. He was faithful to a strongly biblical worldview. How do we know? We can let his own writing inform us of the reality. Patrick, unlike his Romani contemporaries, was a reformer. He did not follow the politically correct version of Christianity that appealed to tradition. Patrick made his assertions from the bible alone. He gave no credence to the authority of the Roman church! It was only centuries later that his legacy was co-opted. When his former rivals claimed his missionary work as their own.

Patrick’s 5 Biblical Assertions

Patrick was an important teacher in Celtic Christianity. He asserted that the scriptures were the highest authority, and he used both Hebrew and Greek scriptures. He affirmed that God never lies, so people can always trust his promises. Patrick taught that there were rewards for obedience and punishment for wickedness in accord with the biblical record. He asserted that people must act on their faith through doing good works. And in complete contrast to the Romani tradition, he brought the law of Moses and the law of Christ to the pagan Irish. He did it in such a way as to have them embrace many biblical traditions in their “Law of the Freeman,” the Brehon Code. Patrick understood the mystery of the biblical worldview.

Biblical Worldview: Why Christians Fail

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